H.N. Brailsford

How the Soviets Work

Written: 1920-1927
First Published/Source: Vanguard Press, November 1927 (from the Vanguard Studies of Soviet Russia), NY. Edited by Jerome Davis (Head of the Department of Social Service, Yale University.). View the Original.
Transcription/Markup: Brian Baggins
Public Domain: Soviet History Archive (marxists.org) 2004. You can freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit this site (with url) and ensure the author(s) and volunteer(s) listed above are given credit.

To the sincere men and women of Russia who, despite
prison, exile, and death, burned out their
lives trying to attain freedom, peace,
and brotherhood for the
common people.

Editor's Introduction
A Factory with a Past
Democracy in the Factory
A Soviet Election
A Village and Its Soviet
The Soviet System
The Soviets At Work
The Nationalities and the Union
The Communist Party
The Dictatorship