MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Events


August 4, 1914

The date when the Social Democratic deputies in the German Reichstag voted for the war budget to finance World War I (a 6 billion mark loan), despite the party's anti-militarist stand up to that time. On the same day the French and Belgian Socialist parties issued decrees declaring support of their own governments in the war. These events caused the virtual destruction of the Socialist International and set the grounds for the founding of the Commuist International in 1919. Among the few Social Democrats who tirelessly fought social-chauvinism were Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebernecht.

August, 1917 (Germany)

German sailors, led by a revolutionary organisation of 4,000 sailors, revolt against the Germany government with the aims of establishing a democratic peace, putting a stop to WWI. The sailors were led by seamen Max Reichpietsch and Albin Köbis of the Friedrich der Grosse.

Sailors of the warship Prinzeregent Lutipold, which was at Wilhelmshaven, left their stations to fight for the release of their comrades who had been arrested for striking. On August 16, the firemen of the Westphalia refused to work; while the crew of the cruiser Nürnberg, which was out at sea, began an uprising. Several ships at port in Wilhelshaven joined the movement of resistance and fighting.

The German government responded swiftly to their own soldiers: Reichpietsch and Köbis were shot. Other participants were arrested and sentanced to long terms of hard labour.

Austrian Social-Democratic Party, Congresses of

September 24-29, 1899