Karl Marx

Wage Labour and Capital

Delivered: December 1847
Source: Wage Labour and Capital, the original 1891 pamphlet
Translated: Frederick Engels
First Published (in German): Neue Rheinische Zeitung, April 5-8 and 11, 1849
Online Text: Marx/Engels Internet Archive
AudioBook Publisher: LibriVox, 2007
AudioBook Speaker: Carl Manchester (1 hour and 42 minutes in total)

Industrial lansdscape


00: Introduction by Frederick Engels
01: Preliminary
02: What are Wages?
03: By What is the Price of a Commodity Determined?
04: By What are Wages Determined?
05: The Nature and Growth of Capital
06: Relation of Wage-Labour to Capital
07: The General Law that Determines the Rise and Fall of Wages and Profits
08: The Interests of Capital and Wage-Labour are Diametrically Opposed
09: Effect of Capitalist Competition on the Capitalist Class, the Middle Class and the Working Class