Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution

Written: June-July 1905
Published: First published as a pamphlet in Geneva, July 1905
Translated: Abraham Fineburg and Julius Katzer
Online Text: Marx2Mao
AudioBook Publisher: LibriVox, 2007
AudioBook Speaker: Christian Pecaut (6 hours and 30 minutes in total)

Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution   Files:

00: Preface
01: An Urgent Political Question
02: What Does the Resolution of the Third Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. on a Provisional Revolutionary Government Teach Us?
03: What is a "Decisive Victory of the Revolution Over Tsarism"?
04: The Abolition of the Monarchist System and the Republic
05: How Should "The Revolution Be Pushed Forward"?
06: From what Direction is the Proletariat Threatened with the Danger of Having its Hands Tied in the Struggle Against the Inconsistent Bourgeoisie?
07: The Tactics of "Eliminating the Conservatives from the Government"
08: Osvobozhdeniye-ism and New Iskra-ism
09: What Does Being a Party of Extreme Opposition in Time of Revolution Mean?
10: "Revolutionary Communes" and the Revolutionary-Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Peasantry
11: A Cursory Comparison Between Several of the Resolutions of the Third Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. and Those of the "Conference"
12: Will the Sweep of the Democratic Revolution be Diminished if the Bourgeoisie Recoils from it?
13: Conclusion. Dare We Win?
14: What Do the Bourgeois Liberal Realists Praise the Social-Democratic "Realists" For?
15: Comrade Martynov Again Renders the Question "More Profound" 
16: The Vulgar Bourgeois Representation of Dictatorship and Marx's View of It