Marxist Writers: Gregory Zinoviev


Zinoviev in a big woolly russian hat

Gregory Zinoviev Archive




The Social Roots of Opportunism (1916)
Two Eras of War (1916)
Wars – Defensive and Aggressive (1916)
What is Imperialism? (1916)
Lenin (pamphlet) (1918)
New Crime of the German “Social-Democratic Government” (1919)
Circular Letter to Comintern-Affiliated Parties on Parliamentarism and the Soviets, September 1, 1919
To The Proletarian Youth (1919)
Karl Liebknecht and the War (1920s)
Excerpts from the Official Statement of the Communist International Executive Committee on Comrades Serrati and Levy (1921)
The Communist Party and Industrial Unionism (1921)
A Five-Years’ Lesson (1922)
War & Leninism (Unknown)
The Last Illusion Gone (1923)
Bolshevism or Trotskyism (1925)
Theses on the Chinese Revolution (1927)
On the Party Regime (1927)

Minutes of the Second Congress of the Communist International (1920)

Opening Address at 2nd Congress of Comintern
To Baku Congress
Opening Discussion On Role of the Party in the Revolution (Opening) (Reply)
On Conditions for Entry into the Communist International
On Conditions of Admission to the International at 2nd Congress
On the Formation of Soviets at 2nd Congress of Comintern
Closing Address at 2nd Congress of Comintern

Selections from History of the Bolshevik Party

To the Reader
Lecture One

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