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Tom Wintringham

1898 - 1949





Nov-Dec 1949: In Memorandum: T. H. Wintringham



May 1923: Mediation in Industrial Disputes

Dec 1924: The End of an Experiment

Sep 1928: Rationalisation And British Industry — VI

Dec 1930: The Crime of R101

May 1932: The War and the Social Democrats
Aug 1932: Modern Weapons and Warfare

Aug 1934: War From The Air
Nov 1934: Artists’ International

Jul 1935: Present Phase of the Arms Race
Sep 1935: Who is for Liberty?
Nov 1935: The Road to Caporetto

Feb 1936: War is also an Art

Feb 1940: Comrades of Jarama
Jun 1940: The Lessons of Spain —Against Invasion

       1941: Introduction to Guerrilla Warfare
Sep 1941: The Truth About Guerrilla War



Arrested on Charges of “Seditious Conspiracy”

During the Spanish Civil War

The Tom Mann Centuria