Josip Broz Tito

Message to the International Conference
on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

Date: August 27, 1955
Source: Tito: Selected Speeches and Articles, 1941-1961 pp. 179-180; originally published in Book X, p. 255-256..
Published: Naprijed, 1963
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The Government of my country and I personally have followed the work of the International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy with great interest. Its fruitful work constitutes, I am profoundly convinced, an introduction to further development of fertile international co-operation in this field and completely justifies the hopes and expectations of mankind which were so much in evidence at the ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly. These results have further strengthened Yugoslavia's conviction that comprehensive co-operation on a basis of democracy and equality within the framework of the Organisation and in the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations is the basic way of ensuring harmonious development of relations in the world and of eliminating the terrible dangers that might arise for mankind as a result of a possible misuse of the great achievements of contemporary science. Yugoslavia will continue in the future to give her full support to every initiative aimed at international co-operation in this and other fields, regarding such a policy as a contribution to peace and the progressive development of relations in the world.

Looked at from this angle, the Conference in Geneva has gone beyond the framework of a gathering of leading scientists and government representatives and has assumed the character of moral- scientific control of the new forces which man has mastered, in the sense of harnessing them to the happiness and welfare of mankind.

I send cordial greetings and best wishes to all taking part in this Conference, thanking them for their unselfish efforts to make the lofty aims of this Conference a reality.

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