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1923: The “Last Reserve” of the Bourgeoisie at Work

1923: Some Tactical Problems of the War in the Ruhr

1923: Book Review: Karl Korsch, Marxismus und Philosophie

1923: 1914 & 1921 – Another Word on Ruhr Tactics

1924: Lenin as a Theoretician

1926: The British General Strike: Its Place in History

1927: Introduction to Dialectical Materialism

1928: Strategy and Tactics of the Communist International: What are Transitional Slogans?

1929: Trotsky, the Anti-Pope

1930: Rosa Luxemburg or Lenin

1930: On Fascism

1931: A missed opportunity? The German October Legend and the Real History of 1923

1932: The Struggle for the United Front in Germany, 1920–23

1932: The Real Trend in Germany

1936: Notes on a Stay in Catalonia

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