Siraj Sikder


To The Proletarian Revolutionaries Affiliated With Different Forms of Revisionist Bourgeoisie Factions


Date: 1972.
First Publication: First published in March 1972.
This Edition:, January 2014.
Source:  Blog of the Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh,




Proletarian revolutionaries affiliated with different forms of revisionist factions, hold high the banner of chairman Mao of ‘It is right to rebel against the reactionaries’ and rebel against the leadership of revisionist factions, unite with the correct political party of Proletarian class of East Bengal, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and its concrete application in the concrete practice of East Bengal!

Clear the disunity among the proletarian revolutionaries. Develop Proletarian Party of East Bengal armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, well-disciplined, applying method of criticism-self-criticism, linked with people, united, strong and single-centered.


Sincerely you have accepted Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought for the sake of liberation of proletariat and people of East Bengal and world. You have been affiliated with different forms of revisionist factions by being trapped in their hoax.

The reactionary leadership of those factions misguided you and betrayed with you and proletariat and people.

As a result, Indian colony has been established in East Bengal. Social imperialism and imperialism are grabbing share in this colonial plunder; and their stooge the six mountains’ lackeys, by saying socialism, democracy, secularism and nationalism, have established fascist rule of six mountains. Consequently, proletariat of great people’s China, East Bengal and world fell in difficulties and anti China anti communist counter revolutionary base and public opinion has been created.

Your sacrifice and hard work being misused in wrong path went in vain.

Let us, expose the crimes of leadership of different forms of revisionists, unveil the face of these capitalist roader reactionary authorities and rebel against them.


The Neo Revisionist Huq-Toha-Bashir

They worked for long time in Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionist party. That time, other than fighting against the revisionist traitors, they carried counter revolutionary activities as their running dogs. They did parliamentary politics, contested in election, carried open party activities. Toha betrayed with the Jute mills workers by openly calling them to withdraw general strike.

Led by chairman Mao, great debate of world proletarian revolutionaries against modern revisionism started. That time, works of chairman Mao arrived in East Bengal. It created the ideological preparation of rebellion against revisionists.

General proletarian revolutionaries of the revisionist communist party and its led various mass organizations strengthened struggle against revisionist leadership.

Student revolutionaries rebelled against the representatives of revisionists in student organization. The Kaji-Rono-Menon clique seized the opportunity of personal contradiction and formed Students Union “Menon” group.

At that time, Huq, Toha and Bashir were obediently following revisionist line and were united with them. It proves that they were more backward than the student revolutionaries.

Communists are the most advanced core of proletariat who lead proletariat and revolutionary masses in class and national struggle. Huq-Toha and Co. did not lead general student revolutionaries in anti-modern revisionism struggle, but student revolutionaries led Huq-Toha. It proves that they didn’t have advance character of communists.

In the mean time, rebellion of general revolutionaries against modern revisionists strengthened.

Huq, Toha, Bashir seized that opportunity. In order to raise them as party authority and capture power of party, they, by following Nambudripad and Jyoti Bose, formed Marxist party named revisionist faction and cheated proletarian revolutionaries.

Meanwhile, Huq-Toha, under the condition that they will oppose Six Points [Six points were raised by Awami League demanding the autonomy of East Bengal – Translator] and will not oppose the ongoing national oppression over East Bengal, held meeting with Awan, the chief of central Intelligence of Pak military fascists and made compromise. So, the warrant over them was withdrawn. Thus, in exchange of withdraw of warrant, they promised to not oppose the ongoing national oppression over East Bengal, and betrayed with proletariat and people of East Bengal.

They divided NAP and by their led NAP, they openly carried petit bourgeoisie confusing political activities, even Huq-Toha openly propagated reactionary thing like Islamic socialism.

In the same way, they divided peasant organization (Krishi Somiti) and by their led faction, they openly continuously carried reformist political activities.

That time, they said Chairman Mao’s thought as positions of Chinese national leader and disheartened cadres to study and practice that. They obstructed the agenda of armed struggle with logic that time has not matured, organization and publicity still not enough.

Other than guiding students and other intellectuals to the correct path of ideological reconstruction through merger with peasants and workers, learning from them again, steeling in armed revolution, studying and practicing Marxism, they guided to open meeting, procession and other reformist path and transformed them into more ripened petit bourgeoisie.

When mentioning feudalism, imperialism and monopoly capitalism as enemy of East Bengal, they say those as one and inseparable. They further say, the main and fundamental opposition in the country is on the one hand people and the inseparable manifestation of those three forces (that means people’s contradiction with feudalism, imperialism and monopoly capitalism is principal and fundamental) on the other. To judge this inseparable entity separately is nothing but willingly or unwillingly to advocate on the side of those (three forces) and work for their interest (that means, to find out principal contradiction and determining principal enemy are to serve the enemy).

By saying that, they denied the existence of principal contradiction and the importance of determining that. It is denial of fundamental principle of dialectical materialism, and sheer idealism. The meaning of not determining principal contradiction, principal enemy, treating and attacking all the enemies equally, is hiding and saving main enemy, that is attacking all to save a few.

It proves that, like old and modern revisionists, in philosophy, they follow idealism and metaphysics.

Later, to pose themselves as ‘Naxalite’, they opposed their own previous positions by saying feudalism versus peasantry principal contradiction and feudalism as principal enemy. Thus they slapped on their own face.

In NAP office, Students Union office and in open meeting they opposed Naxalite peasant rebellion of India as adventurist and activities of CIA.

They upheld Rabindranath – who was the representative of reactionary intellectuals dependent on imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, whose culture is national subservience, treachery and feudalist – as revolutionary and disarmed revolutionaries ideologically. They, by not struggling against the ongoing national oppression and plunder over East Bengal by the Pak military fascists, handed over the leadership of national struggle to the hand of bureaucratic bourgeoisie, feudalist and intellectuals of East Bengal. Consequently imperialists got the opportunity of using national question of East Bengal. They did not activated fundamental points like development, consolidation and Bolshevization of party through armed struggle, building armed organization as party-led main form of organization, taking armed struggle as the main form of struggle and carrying mass organizational work to serve armed struggle.

In personal life and relation to women, they applied the filthy style of bourgeoisie society and created ugly example in front of people about proletarian revolutionaries.

Thus, Huq-Toha carried activities similar to modern revisionism.

As a consequence of activities of Huq-Toha, general cadres rebelled against them.

By seizing that rebellion as an opportunity, the Deben-Bashar, Motin-Alauddin and Kaji-Rono traitor clique, with view to catch fish in dirty water, formed different factions and posed them as party authority.

The Huq-Toha and Co. became seriously isolated and moribund.

Then, to sustain, they disguised themselves as Naxalite and saved themselves from destruction by trying to apply in East Bengal the political line prepared for India for the particular condition of India and made last effort to cheat proletariat and masses of East Bengal and India. Thus, in philosophy, they made metaphysical and idealist error through trying to apply political line of India to the concrete condition of East Bengal by deducting ‘Concrete analysis of concrete condition’ that is the living soul of Marxism. Its consequence is like cutting feet to adjust with shoes and fixing tetrangular wooden solid in round hole.

They, by not taking national contradiction of East Bengal as principal contradiction, said class contradiction principal and bypassing stage of society dragged future task to present time. Thus they made Trotskyite deviation. As a result, they totally isolated themselves from anti national oppression struggle of people of East Bengal.

First they denied the existence of “East Bengal Workers Movement”. Later, they spread heinous slander, defame against it. Even they propagated branding it as conspiracy of CIA. The same slander and rumor they spread against the leadership of East Bengal Workers Movement.

They successfully cheated Indian proletarian revolutionaries. By showing certificate of their support and using their fame, through depending on external cause, they wanted to cover up their evil acts and sustain.

East Bengal people’s national contradiction with Pak military fascists intensified in such and extent that war started for its solution. The Pak military fascists took barbarian fascist step of smashing the existence of Bengali nation, transforming her to minority by killing millions of people, and destroying education, industry and trade of East Bengal.

That time, the national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Pak military fascists along with their collaborators as principal contradiction, and based on principal contradiction, the Pak military fascists and their collaborators marked themselves as main enemy before the Bengali nation. They (Pak) became isolated from people; the solution of national contradiction, the armed national liberation war started and people, themselves, started annihilating national enemies.

The theoretical aspects raised by the East Bengal Workers Movement proved historically correct, such as, society advanced through the law of dialectical materialism, that is, stage by stage solving contradictions via solving the main contradiction, principal enemy is determined based on principal contradiction; guerilla war can be initiated through annihilation of principal enemy; the solution of principal contradiction determines the principal aspect of revolution through determining the role of different classes to revolution and general basis of united front.

At that time, Huq-Toha said feudalism versus peasantry contradiction principal, annihilated people as class enemy and their activates went against the practice of whole people of East Bengal.

This is left adventurist Trotskyte activities of a few individuals isolated from practice of majority of the people, that is, completely opposite to the dialectical materialist mass line work. Their treacherous politics gives rise to treacherous organizational steps. They, in the name of opposing Awami League and class enemy, colluded with Pak military fascists, became their intelligence’s informer and became Razakar (Razakar was one of the genocidal notorious local forces of Pak military fascists in East Bengal comprised of Islamist party cadres and goons – Translator).

They made compromise with Pak military fascists through their (Pak) intelligence chief Awan by giving them the bond that they will oppose six points and will not oppose national oppression by the Pak military fascists over East Bengal. Consequently, their warrant was withdrawn and they got opportunity to work openly.

Completely, this is the manifestation of the theory of Liu Chao Chi and revisionists of sustaining anyhow. They held meeting different times and kept contact with Pakistan foreign minister Bhutto, President Yahia Khan and other military fascist officials. Even they maintained communication with Niazi, Farman Ali and their goons, and they sold interest of proletariat and people of East Bengal.

When the representatives of bureaucratic bourgeoisie, feudalist and intellectuals of East Bengal are suffering from Jail and repression; became victim of conspiracy case, at that time, doesn’t the hobnobbing of Huq-Toha with Pak military fascists prove that they are more degenerated than bureaucratic bourgeoisie, feudalist and reactionary intellectuals? Will people of East Bengal name them anything other than lackey of Pak military fascists?

That time cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement were suffering serious torture in jail, they were kept solitarily in death row condemn cell, specialists were brought from US imperialists to carry investigation about them, reward was declared for arresting leadership cadres and arrested were allured to make them betray.

That time, Huq-Toha used to move openly, if arrested, usually they were released, they could carry and sell open publication, their houses were not burnt. Even they were given arms. Doesn’t it prove that by not being attacked by enemy, actually they were merged in the rank of enemy, i.e. they became lackeys of enemies?

They supplied the central intelligence of Pak military fascists such information about central leadership of “East Bengal Workers Movement”, its structure and personal life of some of the leadership, which they came to know from renegade traitor Nurul Hasan.

They maintained and are still maintaining line with Bangladesh puppet government formed in India.

People got misunderstanding about ‘Naxalite’ because of their activities and that of Motin and Co. and Kaji-Rono and Co.

To prove East Bengal peasantry versus feudalism contradiction principal, they acted like Liu Chao Chi by consciously hiding an ending part of quotation of Stalin.

Huq wrote, “National question is basically a peasant question.” Huq consciously hided its later part.

The full quotation of Stalin is as follows: “Very often we say that the peasant question is the essence of the national question. But this does not mean that the national question is covered by the peasant question, that the peasant question is equal in scope to the national question, that the peasant question and the national question are identical. There is no need to prove that the national question is wider and richer in its scope than the peasant question.”

Events of East Bengal proved that peasant question, that is, class contradiction was secondary than the national question that is national contradiction of East Bengal. The whole Bengali nation has united on the basis of national contradiction. As there was no proletarian leadership, the bourgeoisie, imperialists and expansionists seized that opportunity and occupied East Bengal.

When in East Bengal, national struggle became acute, at that time, isn’t leaving national question by hiding Stalin’s quotation a conscious betray with proletariat and Bengali nation?

On the other side, People’s China, Chou En Lai, foreign minister Chi Feng Pi and others recognized the national question of East Bengal and called for leaving its solution to the hands of Pakistan government and people of East Bengal without any external intervention. They further said that expansionists and social imperialists had seized that opportunity of national question of East Bengal.

At present, some of them are saying that East Bengal is a colony of India while some of them are saying East Bengal a Soviet colony.

In the past, they put the logic that Pakistan being a semi colonial semi feudal country, her regime can’t carry colonial exploitation over East Bengal.

India is also a semi colonial semi feudal country and she has established her colony in East Bengal. If their logic was correct, India could not establish colony.

Thus Huq-Toha refuted their own logics.

Huq-Toha, by not critically analyzing all problems by dialectical and historical materialism, have done so by idealism, metaphysics and historic idealism; and, they betrayed with people and proletariat on every question.

In 26th page of their program, Huq-Toha mentioned three weapons of revolution in the following way:

a)      To form a strong revolutionary party armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Thought; to build such a party by burying all forms of opportunism, rightist and leftist, especially modern revisionism.

b)      To form a working class led revolutionary united front comprising all the anti imperialist and anti comprador bureaucratic capital classes.

c)      To form revolutionary base in rural areas because villages are weaker place of enemies compared with cities. To encircle and seize cities based on villages. Thus win of revolution countrywide.

Three task followed by revisionist leadership of communist party of Indonesia is as follows:

1)      Flag of national united front

2)      Flag of formation of party

3)      Flag of August 1945 revolution

Let us compare the above two “task” with three tasks of Chairman Mao:

“A well-disciplined Party armed with the theory of Marxism-Leninism, using the method of self-criticism and linked with the masses of the people; an army under the leadership of such a Party; a united front of all revolutionary classes and all revolutionary groups under the leadership of such a Party – these are the three main weapons with which we have defeated the enemy”

Huq-Toha and Indonesian revisionists totally deducted formation of armed force and armed struggle.

Thus they opposed armed struggle.

They deducted fundamental points like formation of a party that is well-disciplined, use self-criticism and is linked with people.

The Huq clique in the document dated 18.12.71 have mentioned the following three tasks:

a)      A solid party armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought

b)      Armed force led by party

c)      Base of resistance led by party

Here, they deducted united front, which is one of the important weapons of victory of revolution.

In party formation, here too, they have deducted fundamental points like formation of Party that is disciplined, that apply criticism and self criticism and is linked with people.

They never mentioned national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Indian expansionism. Thus, by not mentioning attack by Indian expansionists over East Bengal and possibility of their invasion and control in East Bengal, they kept people of East Bengal unprepared. The “East Bengal Workers Movement” in its theses, mentioned the national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Indian expansionists as a fundamental contradiction responsible for the social development of East Bengal.

Events historically proved the analysis of East Bengal Workers Movement correct.

They ridicule at us by saying that then, why will not East Bengal versus Burma contradiction be a fundamental one? By saying that, they proved their disability of making real analysis of expansionism and understanding the meaning of expansionism. Initially they had not mentioned East Bengal people’s national contradiction with Soviet social imperialism. Though later mentioned, they haven’t said it as a fundamental one. In order to pose themselves as revolutionary, they just called some names of social imperialism.

On the other side, from the very beginning in its theses, East Bengal Workers Movement mentioned national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Soviet social imperialism a fundamental contradiction responsible for the social development of East Bengal. It also proved historically correct in the course of social development of East Bengal.

Had Huq-Toha-Bashir not been able to use the fame and support of Indian Marxist-Leninists by cheating them, they would be buried before.

The cause of development of matter is internal. They could not gain even by using the fame of proletarian revolutionaries of India, because in essence, they are bourgeoisie, reactionary and revisionist.

They are affected by serious internal contradiction, splintered and crisis-fallen. Huq formed a Marxist-Leninist named faction, while Toha formed another Marxist-Leninist named faction. They are charging and counter charging each other as liar, split-ist, clique and revisionist and are exposing their own real nature further more clearly.

Bodruddin-Nazrul-Amol Sen of them have formed another faction named ‘Solidarity Center’.

Thus, in intense storm of class and national struggle, their face has been exposed largely. Proletarian revolutionaries are realizing their deceit. Soon, Indian proletarian revolutionaries too will be able to realize their deceit. Proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal and India will sweep them out to dustbin.


Motin-Alauddin Trotskyte-Gueverist

They were affiliated with Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionist party. By seizing the opportunity of anti-revisionist rebellion of general proletarian revolutionary cadres, they, together with Huq-Toha and Co. formed neo revisionist faction and made futile effort to cheat general cadres and masses.

In order to seize the opportunity of opposition of general cadres against Huq-Toha neo revisionists, they presented themselves with reactionary position. They analyzed East Bengal as capitalist society and tried to unite party cadres and masses behind that wrong politics.

From that position, naturally it can be concluded that East Bengal completed bourgeoisie democratic revolution, in rural areas, there is no feudalist exploitation or secondarily exists, capitalism developed there and became dominant, neither there is  imperialist exploitation in country and nor exploitation of bureaucratic capital. If capitalist exploitation is principal, the question of taking socialist revolution program comes up.

This is to bypass present stage of society and accomplish future task at present. This is Trotskyite deviation. It proves that they, in case of social development, like modern and old revisionists, have applied historic idealism in place of historic materialism.

They one-sidedly persisted in that wrong and reactionary Trotskyte political line, formed strong clique and faction, unified with same viewer Deben-Bashar and Co. and secretly formed embryonic faction inside faction.

Huq-Toha and Co. expelled them.

If Deben-Bashar had not given them shelter and general cadres had not rebelled because of treachery of Huq-Toha and Co., Motin-Alauddin and co. would have been finished immediately.

Motin-Alauddin and Co. concentrated on peasant organization (Krishak Somiti) and NAP etc and carried open reformist activities. They got united with Gueverists like Mahbubullah, AKM Fazlul Huq, Amjad.

They, without self-criticism, by not leaving the Trotskyte position “Capitalist exploitation principal”, said East Bengal feudalism versus peasantry contradiction principal and class enemy annihilation, that is, they said similar thing of Huq-Toha and being united with Deben-Bashar and co. formed East Bengal communist party, established themselves as party authority and made futile attempt to pose themselves as ‘Naxalite’.

They, by not taking national contradiction as principal contradiction and by saying class contradiction principal, deducted present political task and dragged future task by bypassing stage of society. Thus, they made Trotskyite error.

Consequently they handed over national flag to Indian expansionism, social imperialism, imperialism and East Bengal bureaucratic bourgeoisie, feudalist and reactionary intellectuals.

They made similar error like Huq-Toha and co. and in philosophy, followed idealism and metaphysics in place of dialectical materialism, as well as historical idealism in place of historical materialism.

Their treacherous political line gives rise to treacherous organizational steps.

Before and after 25 March, they colluded with Pak military fascists. If arrested, the Pak military fascists released them, gave them opportunity of free movement and avoided suppression over them.

They collaborated with Pak military fascists. In the name of class enemy annihilation, they carried decoity in houses of people and killed people. People treated them as dacoit, resisted them, killed some of them and burned their houses. At last they were overthrown from that area.

After 25 March, they got divided on national question; Deben-Bashar and Motin-Alauddin expelled each other.

For their last survival, Motin-Alauddin formed Marxist-Leninist named faction.

The ugly faces of Motion and co. have largely been exposed and they have been seriously isolated. They are making futile attempt to save themselves by uniting with Huq-Toha.

They are trying to maintain faction by making relatives among party cadres through feudalist method.

They spread heinous slander and defame against “East Bengal Workers Movement” and its leadership, even they branded them as CIA oriented.

By saying ‘freedom’, ‘Independent People’s Democratic East Bengal’ etc, they tried to pose themselves as anti national oppression, pro independence and further clarified own theoretical bankruptcy.

Both national and democratic revolution aspects exist in the term people’s democratic East Bengal. Among them, the principal will be determined by the principal contradiction of society. They said feudalism as principal enemy and feudalism versus peasantry as principal contradiction. In that case, naturally democratic revolution is principal. So, independence i.e. national revolution is secondary.

So, their demand of ‘freedom’ and ‘independent people’s democratic East Bengal’ was opposite to their principal contradiction and other political and military line.


Deben-Bashar Trotskyte-Gueverist

They were affiliated with Moni Sing-Mozaffar revisionist communist party. Later, by seizing the rebellion of anti revisionist general cadres, they united with Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin to form neo revisionist faction.

They were follower of the reactionary position “Capitalist exploitation is principal in East Bengal”. They never made self criticism for that position.

Despite recognizing national oppression over East Bengal, because of theoretical bankruptcy, they made compromise with opportunism, gave Motin-Alauddin chance for unity and saved them from collapse.

They gave the change for unity to Mahbubullah-Amjad Gueverists. Thus, by leaving principle, they united with opportunists and at last proved themselves as opportunist too.

They, by not totally agreeing with Motin-Alauddin about feudalism versus peasantry contradiction principal line and class enemy annihilation line, they existed as a faction inside faction.

It proves that the unity among them was not political and ideological; rather it was on the basis of opportunism.

It proves that they don’t have knowledge regarding political party of proletariat at all.

At last they got divided on national question of East Bengal and after 25 March, fled to India.

They took shelter of Jyoti Bose and Nambudripod in India. It proves their compromising character regarding revisionism and opportunism. It further proves their disability of carrying armed struggle based on sacrifice and reliance on people.

They established unprincipled unity with Kaji-Rono conspirators and Marxist named some bourgeoisie factions and formed the so called “Coordination committee of national liberation struggle”.

Proletarians never recognize the existence of faction, rather uncompromisingly struggle against that till the end. The meaning of unifying by recognizing existence of faction is abandoning Marxist fundamental principle regarding party. Thus, they abandoned Marxist fundamental principle regarding party.

They proved their ignorance regarding united front by forming coordination committee. Severe fascist attack of Pak military fascists, people’s great resistance and contribution, reaction of imperialism, social imperialism, expansionism and six mountains’ lackeys, that is the serious storm of the time made their mind out of control and exposed their real petit bourgeoisie character.

They opposed the correct role of great Chinese proletariat and proletarians of India and other countries.

They supported the counter progressive counter revolutionary war of national subservience led by six mountains’ lackeys, the running dogs of Indian expansionism, social imperialism and imperialism.

They welcomed occupation of East Bengal by the Indian expansionists; welcomed Indian lackey Bangladesh puppet government and openly opposed China.

They welcomed foreign intervention on national question of East Bengal and supported six mountains’ lackey fascists, who obstructed true proletarian led national struggle, killed proletarian revolutionaries and betrayed with people of East Bengal and Bengali nation. Thus, they, in East Bengal, became stooge of expansionists, social imperialists, imperialists and their running dog six mountains’ lackeys; and they betrayed with proletariat of East Bengal and world.

The gave promise of taking part in parliamentary election by abandoning armed struggle, recognized Bangladesh puppet government, welcomed expansionists, opposed China and made attempt to create reactionary public opinion to form party by following Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod.

They bowed their head so far that Deben Sikder expressed solidarity with Mujiv-ism of democracy, socialism, secularism and nationalism; that is the pillar of subservience to six mountains, national capitulation and fascist rule and plunder.

At last they formed open communist party named bourgeoisie faction.

Thus, they exposed their affiliated sincere revolutionaries before six mountains’ lackey fascist force and hampered their security.

Their that filthy acts have accelerated their doom.

Regarding us, Deben-Bashar say that our politics is correct but we are not linked with people, we are Trotskyite. By saying so, they proved their ignorance about ABC of Marxism and they are idealist.

Trotskyites can never be correct in politics. They always will make deviation in politics. So, if we are Trotskyite, then obviously we are not correct in politics. Thus, they themselves are refuting their own positions.

Chairman Mao said, “Where do correct ideas come from? Do they drop from the skies? No. Are they innate in the mind? No. They come from social practice, and from it alone; they come from three kinds of social practice, the struggle for production, the class struggle and scientific experiment.”         

It has been expressed through chairman Mao’s dialectical materialist methodology, the mass line, “In all the practical work of our Party, all correct leadership is necessarily “from the masses, to the masses“.

By being linked with people, we have accumulated experiences of their great practice of production struggle, class struggle and scientific experiment and transformed those into systematized position and activated those (in political, military, organization and other line) by again taking those to people. In this process, our correct political, military, organizational line developed.

Our politics is correct but we are not linked with people means our correct political line falls from sky or innate. It is sheer idealism; the idealist theory that ‘consciousness is inborn, not dependent on matter’ which is against the materialist principle ‘consciousness comes from matter’.

Their this position is against dialectical materialism and methodology of mass line.

We established “East Bengal Workers Movement” to establish genuine political party of proletariat of East Bengal, because the existing communist named bourgeoisie factions in East Bengal were neither representative of proletarian class, nor revolutionary. They were different forms of revisionist bourgeoisie factions.

Despite saying us correct, Deben-Bashar didn’t join us unconditionally, made age as weapon and said that here there was a communist party and they are the representative of that and the meaning of denying that is declaring own death warrant.

By saying that, they are opposing “East Bengal Workers Movement” and Proletarian Party and demanding leadership through priority of age and asking us to accept their leadership.

Thus they prove that they are vagabond and greedy for leadership.

They, by their activities, have declared own death warrant. People and revolutionaries of East Bengal will soon bury them finally. Their that filthy activities are accelerating their steps towards doom.


Kaji-Rono-Menon Conspirators

They made personal conflict political, cheated revolutionaries of Students Union, formed Students Union and seized its leadership.

First they joined Huq-Toha and Co., but when leadership and power contradiction arose, they adopted vile conspiracy to seize leadership in different organizations.

They opposed Great Proletarian and Cultural Revolution by branding it as Chairman Mao’s madness and supported Liu chao Chi.

They opposed the great peasant rebellion of Naxalbari and branded it as CIA activities.

They joined Motin-Alauddin and Co. and worked with them. Later, for power, they left them and again joined Huq-Toha and Co.

In the mean time, they seized a part of trade union and students union.

In order to carry their conspiracy more sharply, they formed communist coordination committee.

As politics, they put forward national oppression over East Bengal as foreign exploitation. Thus, by not specifying enemy, they tried to save the enemies.

At last, to pose themselves as Naxalite, they said feudalism versus peasantry contradiction principal and class enemy annihilation.

In this way, they committed similar error like Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin. They spread hundreds of slander, defame and rumor against East Bengal Workers Movement, even propagated it by branding it as CIA agent.

After 25 March, they went to India, without any self-criticism said national contradiction principal, took shelter of Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod and joined coordination committee of national liberation struggle. Thus, they carried similar activates like Deben-Bashar and co.

They tailed behind six mountains’ lackeys, threw out own organizational identity, joined “Liberation Force” and carried counter revolutionary war of national subservience. They have admitted in open speech that they didn’t have any guerrilla group of their own.

In some places, they took part with ‘Liberation Force’ fascists in disarming and killing cadres of Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

They welcomed India’s establishing colony in East Bengal and also puppet government of East Bengal. They carried open party activities. Consequently, their affiliated genuine revolutionaries got danger.

By the order of the authority of six mountains’ lackeys, they supported arms surrender. Thus, they disarmed genuine revolutionaries of their organization. They openly opposed China.

At present, they are conspiring to form communist named bourgeoisie faction by following Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod.

They are making malicious propaganda against Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

Mahbubullah also, at present, carrying similar activities like Kaji-Rono and Co.

There is a story of crow and peacock in East Bengal. To pose as peacock, a crow covered its body with the feather of a peacock. But all those fell down when the peacock poked it and the real black face of the crow got exposed and the crow fled away.

All these bourgeoisie agents of different forms of revisionist leadership, covering their body with the feather of Marxism, try to pose themselves as revolutionary and deceit proletarian revolutionary and masses. But their feather goes away in serious revolutionary storm and their real ugly face of bourgeoisie representative exposes itself.

Huq-Toha-Bashir have upheld themselves as Liu Chao Chi-Kruschev of East Bengal.

Deben-Bashar-Kaji-Rono have upheld themselves as Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod.

Motin-Alauddin have posed themselves as Trotsky-Che.

Chairman Mao said, “Run after falling enemies and finally smash them.” We must run after these falling enemies and finally smash them. We will hold high the banner of “it is right to rebel” and rebel against the capitalist representative different forms of revisionist leadership authorities.

We, the proletarian revolutionaries, let us  unite on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and its concrete application in concrete practice of East Bengal, clear the disunity among the proletarian revolutionaries, and develop Proletarian party of East Bengal armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, well-disciplined, applying criticism-self criticism, linked with people, united, strong and single centered.