Siraj Sikder


Six Mountainsí lackeys disguised as patriots



Date: October 1971.
First Publication: October 1971.
This Edition:, March 2013.
Source: Blog of the Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh,




East Bengal people, with shedding own blood, are realizing that without the unity of all the East Bengal political parties, liberation forces, workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, artists, doctors, scientists, engineers, businessmen, industrialists, children, women, elderly, religious, lingual and tribal minorities, that is, unity of the whole nation, Pakistanís colonial military fascist murderers canít be completely overthrown. This is why they sincerely seek unity of all.

As the reflection of aspiration of people, East Bengal Workers Movement, the preparatory organization of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal has made effort to unify the whole nation of East Bengal. At present, Proletarian Party is sincerely making effort with that aim. In 1968, East Bengal Workers Movement for the first time mentioned that East Bengal is a colony of Pakistan. By separating East Bengal from Pakistan through armed struggle, independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, and progressive Peopleís Republic of East Bengal has to be established. In order to realize that, the East Bengal Workers Movement made effort to organize people in the path of armed struggle.

Because of being new organization, lack of cadres and financial difficulties, we could not organize broad masses and carry enough propaganda among them. Yet, by three and half years time, revolutionary organization was developed secretly in different districts of East Bengal, and for the first time, in the history of East Bengal, armed struggle was initiated. Our guerrillas and cadres, carried bomb attack on Pakistan Council Center, US Information Center, B.N.R and some reactionary institutions in Dhaka and some other districts.

Our organization was the first to put forward the correct military line of initiating guerrilla war of National Liberation through national enemy annihilation and based on self reliance. Our organizationís cadres and guerrillas were the first to annihilate national enemy in early 1971.

During the time of last election and its later Non-violent Non-cooperation movement, the East Bengal Workers Movement criticized that path showing its error and failure and carried bomb attack on different reactionary institutions to strengthen armed struggle and ordered cadres to initiate guerrilla war in countryside.

The Pak military fascists feared cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement like tiger, and arrested many cadres. They could not but recognize the activities of East Bengal Workers Movement in official document.

In order to unify the whole nation of East Bengal, the East Bengal Workers Movement sent an open letter to Sheikh Mujiv and Awami League, and at the same time, made open call to unify leftists.

With own initiative, the East Bengal Workers Movement held meetings with Rob group of Students League, Commander Moajjem group and Deben-Bashar group of East Bengal Communist Party.

While the central leadership of Awami League did not respond to those efforts, many of the local base Awami League and Liberation Force got united with us.

Meanwhile, East Bengal Workers Movement completed its historic role and on 3 June established revolutionary political party of East Bengal, the ďProletarian Party of East BengalĒ. Between March to August, in more than five districts, Guerrilla War is going on under the leadership of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal; National Liberation war is spreading like prairie fire.

In this way, for the first time in the history of East Bengal, an Armed Force and Base Area developed under the leadership of a political party of proletariat.

Everywhere, our guerrillas and cadres remained firm in the principle of national unity, protected patriotic people, Awami League and others and have been united with those who want unity.

As a result of the post 25 March attack of Pak military fascists, resistance of Awami League and its led Liberation Force broke down. At that time, cadres and guerrillas of the Proletarian Party gave shelter to many leaders and cadres of Awami League and Liberation Force, and also gave them and their families money, house, food, security and work opportunities.

Later, when Awami League Liberation Force returned from India by being armed, cadres of Proletarian Party made unity effort. But unfortunately, leadership of Awami League and its Liberation Force, despite our sincere unity effort, other than carrying National Liberation War being united with us, betrayed with us, defamed their hands with our blood, and are making hated effort to smash us.

They forced common patriotic soldiers and cadres to commit that hated sabotage. Even then, many cadres realized the real character of their line, united with us by taking life risk and worked with us. As a result of that unity, in Dhaka, for the first time, national enemy like Barrister Mannan was annihilated.

Whatever independent role the Awami League and its Liberation Force had in the past, they left that in exchange of shelter, arms, money and support from India and via India from the Soviet social imperialism and US imperialism, and they made themselves lackey of Soviet social imperialism, US imperialism, Indian bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism and the East Bengal bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. They mortgaged East Bengal to India and became lackey force of India and imperialism. They emphasized on destroying us and those others who donít want to be lackey of six mountains; on the other hand, they freed the country seller national enemies in exchange of money, and they tortured people.



The six mountainsí lackey the puppet liberation force of India and imperialists, in Swarupkathi in Barisal, killed our four cadres and guerrillas and searched for others. In Madaripur, when our supporters who were working with them in a unity, came to know their conspiracy to kill them (our supporters), they got out. The puppet force attacked the house of our cadre, tortured women and looted house.

Recently in Tangail, in excuse of discussion, they held a meeting with our two cadres, betrayed with them and arrested them. On gunpoint they sent those two arrested cadres to collect arms from all the guerrillas. Our guerrillas repulsed their conspiracy. One of the arrested cadres could free himself while the other one was taken by them, finally he could flee. In this area, by the order of a national enemy, they ruthlessly killed two of our guerrillas by cutting their bodies and putting salts on the injured places of body.

In Jhalakathi, Kaukhali and Swarupkathi region of Barisal, they encircled and disarmed our three guerrilla units, took guerrillas in their custody, some of our guerrillas could flee while the rest were disappeared, possibly there were killed by the fascist murderers of liberation force.

In this area, they attacked our Headquarter and captured our vast liberated area.

They arrested our woman guerrilla Shikha, ruthlessly tortured her family members, carried violent brutal torture upon Shikha and raped her. Still she is disappeared.

They searched for more women guerrillas and cadres to kill.

Indian Shikh, Gurkha soldiers and officers participated in their that hated barbarian and fascist activities.

In Kalkini region of Madaripur, by calling for discussion, treacherously they arrested, disarmed and gave death sentence to two of our guerrillas. When they started to kill them, people stood in front of their guns saying ďkill us before killing themĒ. With the intervention of people they were compelled to free our cadres.

In Mehendiganj too, led by Kuddus Mullah, an infamous dacoit and women-oppressor, the fascist bandits of the Awami League Liberation Force disarmed our more than one guerrilla unit, looted valuable possessions, arrested guerrillas and carried endless torture on them.

In Gaurnadi region, they seized our big liberated region and tried to annihilate our cadres.

In Mathbaria region, this fascist bandit gang attacked our liberated area and seized that. As they could not smash guerrillas face to face, they adopted treachery and sabotage. They joined us with the excuse of unified activity. During the joint attack, they shoot from behind and killed our genius cadre Hasan. Another cadre Himu was also martyred.

In Padrishivpur region, they acted as if they would work jointly with us, then they searched opportunity to kill our leading cadres. Finally they killed Masum and another guerrilla by treacherously calling them at night.

In Narshingdi region, they asked our guerrillas to hand over arms and cease war, otherwise they said, they would kill them, they threatened them showing stick to our cadres, and the fascists said, ďwe will arrest your leader Siraj Sikder and take him to India beating.

All over the East Bengal, these fascists held meeting and decided to annihilate those patriots who donít want to be slave of India. They put maximum emphasis to search and annihilate us and other patriots other than fight against Pak military bandits.



Right before 25 March, these reactionary fascists, boasted with power, held meeting in villages one after another to burry communists alive and smash the Naxalites. Their target was that immediately after East Bengal is separated from Pakistan, they will smash leftists first. But they lost their patience, and in many places they started killing patriots. During and after the non-violent non-cooperation movement, they denied to free our cadres imprisoned in their occupied area jails.

By being ultra nationalists, they followed Hitlarís Zeus-cleansing path. They carried fascist activities of killing every non-Bengali Urdu speaking people, regardless of criminal or innocent, children, women, youth and elderly. They raped hundreds of innocent women, forced them to bare walking and carried ruthless inhuman torture upon them, killed children in front of their mother, forced mother to drink her own childís blood and killed young and aged people in a row. In that hated crime they used machine gun and artillery. In many cases, they burned people on fire to death. In many cases, they threw children and women in Solitary Island so that they may die out of hunger. Innocent women and children walk across villages after villages for shelter. Some people give them shelter and food by neglecting fascist threat. The fascists kill those refugee women and children on the way, rape them and abduct them.

In this way, many patriotic workers, intellectuals and employees lost their lives.

Their crime is that they are Urdu speaking.

Thus, they made the relation of Bengalees with Urdu speaking people of East Bengal bitter. Their those activities have no difference with that of Pak military fascists.



The Awami League Liberation Force fascists want to overthrow us before the winter campaign of the Pak military bandit gang starts. In winter campaign, they will collapse, will not be able to sustain and have to flee to India. They will have to wait until the next rainy season comes. They are afraid that if they canít destroy us and other patriots, we will be able to spread guerrilla war in their abandoned areas. So, it will be difficult for them to come back.

They think us the main enemy in playing with the destiny of the people of East Bengal. At present, they have mortgaged East Bengal to India and imperialists in exchanged of arms, money, shelter and support. If India an imperialists and their puppet Awmai League Liberation Force fail to seize East Bengal through war, they will make compromise with Pakistan colonial ruling regime and will sign in agreement to share East Bengal among them and loot her.

We are the one who expose the conspiracy of selling East Bengal here and there in front of people. People will realize their character and finally bury them.



If East Bengal is separated from Pakistan under Awami League Liberation Force fascists, it will be transformed into a colony of India. Will that make any good to East Bengal?

Indian ruling regime is the representative of US imperialism, Soviet social imperialism, Indian bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. Exploitation of these four mountains will seize East Bengal; what will add two mountains, the East Bengal bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudalism who will want to consume the remaining of the exploitation and plunder of East Bengal by the four mountains. If East Bengal is liberated by the six mountainsí lackey the Awami League Liberation Force fascists, exploitation of six mountains will seize the people.

As a result of exploitation and plunder by the four mountains, today, India became a country of famine and poverty. Rice is sold there in five Taka per Sher (Sher is slightly less than Kelo gramóSarbaharapath), a Hilsha fish in eight Taka and an egg in one Taka. People per head hardly can afford one and half chatak rice (about 50 gramóSarbaharapath). As a result of starvation, unemployment and illness, people are realizing that Birla, Tata, Indian Jaminders (Big landlords), Jotedars (Small landlords) and imperialists are the beneficiaries from the Ďindependenceí achieved from Britain. Indian ruling regime is exploiting different nationalities and tribes. They have established fascist dictatorship in the name of democracy; like the Pak military bandits, they kill innocent people in streets and houses, arrest them, loot and burn villages and kill people there.

Exhausted with the exploitation and suppression, today, peasant masses of India are rebelling and made the four mountains tremble with armed struggle. They are the ones who in the name Naxal, have frightened the Jaminders, capitalists and imperialists.

India is trying to establish colony in East Bengal to lessen some extent its financial and political crisis. Soviet social imperialists and US imperialists are dreaming of having share from the plunder and exploitation of this colony by India, and establish base to resist China and communism.

Though border of East Bengal is closed, fish, meat, rice, Jute and other goods are smuggled to India through black marketing. Moreover, there is the plunder and exploitation of Pak military bandits. Yet, people of East Bengal get rice in maximum one and half Taka per Sher, Hilsha fish in one or one and half Taka, smaller business and some jobs.

If she becomes colony of India, fish, meat, rice and vegetables of East Bengal will go to Kolkata, Assam, Tripura, Bihar and Meghalaya. Then, East Bengal people will have to take rice in five Taka per Sher, a Hilsha fish in eight Taka, first class first among the engineers and doctors will have to compete with about one hundred thousand unemployed engineers and several hundred thousand unemployed doctors in India, let alone  common educated people. A job of one hundred or one hundred fifty Taka will be a blessing for them.

The business and industries of East Bengal will go to the hands of Birla, Tata other efficient capitalist Marowari, Saha and Basaks of India.

The Hindu Jaminders and Jotedars who were driven out from East Bengal in 1947 and its later, will return to the villages, seize their abandoned land and properties and start repression over peasants.

Religious oppression, riot and clash will come over the people East Bengal.

Why did people of East Bengal want separate territory?  Since long East Bengal was a place of plunder by the Hindu Jaminders and businessmen. The center of Jaminders and businessmen was Kolkata, while East Bengal was her backyard. Hindu had monopoly in business, education, culture and lands of East Bengal. The story ĎMaheshí by Sarat Chandra made a heart touching description of ruthless anti Muslim repression by the Hindu Jaminders.

Because of that ruthless repression and exploitation over Muslim people, they demanded separate territory East Bengal.

If East Bengal becomes a colony of India and imperialism by being separated from Pakistan, it will be like falling in furnace from hot yard.



Amidst the situation when bandits of Indian and imperialist puppet the Awami League  Liberation Force still have not captured power of East Bengal, they are not withstanding such other patriots who donít want to be puppet of India and imperialists, and are using guns against such patriotic parties and individuals who are waging liberation war in East Bengal. If they can free East Bengal with their leadership, they will establish domination and plunder of one party dictatorship here.

Lots of incidents prove that the democracy they want is Hitlarís one party fascist dictatorship, the socialism they want is exploitation and plunder of six mountains, and the independence of East Bengal they want is to enslave East Bengal in subservience as colony of India and imperialists.



They are being able to cheat East Bengal people because the Huq-Toha neo revisionists, the Deben-Bashar Motin-Alauddin Trotskyte-Gueverists, the Kaji-Rono conspirators and the Moni Singh-Mojaffar revisionist traitor cliques failed to properly raise leftistsí role on national question of East Bengal. Many of them collaborated with Pak military fascists.



Fascist bandits of Six mountainsí lackey the Awami League liberation force are widely infiltrating in East Bengal from India. They are armed with modern weapons. Arrogantly, they are saying that this time they will capture East Bengal and make it a colony of India.

By entering into East Bengal, they are attacking and treacherously trying to smash us and those others who donít want to be puppet of India, burning Jute, driving out people from service and business, giving excessive death sentences, killing people and forcefully collecting money. They are engaged in debauchery of drinking, dishes and sex on women. To attack Pak military bandits and their collaborators is their secondary task.

Most of them are student and intellectuals who received training from India. They are divided in small groups, stay in boat. Sometimes, they stay in houses of feudal- Jaminders and Jotedars. A commander leads several units. Those units have very lower unity or friendship among them and their discipline is of lower quality. Their attack upon Pak military bandits in Damudia in Madaripur subdivision, showed that they donít have any coordination among them. So, they suffered losses.

Verbally they say, they are waging guerrilla war. They identify themselves as guerrillas. Actually they are applying positional and raid war tactics. In Damudia area, they attacked Pak bandits from bunker. A unit of Pak bandits carried flank attack upon them from behind, encircled them and smashed them. They attacked Bhedarganj Thana, adjacent to Damudia, for fifteen hours and smashed it by launching lots of mortar shells.

Their that above mentioned war strategy and tactics emerged from the line of over dependence on weaponry, unwillingness to leave captured land, over confidence of own strength, non-reliance on people and not learning from domestic and other country experiences.

They concentrated their forces to resist enemies at their gate, tackled and confronted Pak bandits, and they themselves were smashed.

They donít carry important tasks like annihilating national enemies, distributing lands of national enemies to peasants, reducing exploitation of the patriotic feudalists, unification with patriotic other forces, arming and organizing masses as well as establishing peopleís power. Rather they torture people and kill patriots. This is why millions of people of East Bengal donít take part in war with them. So, their regular force is isolated in their war.

Above all, they are carrying reactionary war for the interest of imperialists. That is why they are failing to apply strategy and tactics of peopleís war.

They applied their war strategy and tactics in the past too. They first emphasized in capturing cities, attacked on enemyís strong base cantonment and resisted military bandits in cities and ports to sustain their captured areas. In spite of having extensive arms, ammunition, men and their captured cities and ports, they were defeated and overthrown.

In Chittagong, hundreds of soldiers including East Bengal Regiment, E.P.R, Police, Students and Indian Army made resistance, established telephone line, forged truck communication with India to bring arms and soldiers, used artillery, mortars, machine guns, automatic weapons and everything except aero plane and Tanks. But at last they were defeated in positional war and were driven to India.

Major Zia arrogantly declared in Chittagong that they would capture Dhaka within a few days. Major Jalil declared that Barisal would no more remain dominated. Their, and many other Majors, captains and Lieutenants had no way but retreat; they were driven out to India or lost their lives, their errors caused death of hundreds of thousands of people, peopleís properties were lost and they had to take refuge to India.

If India and via her Soviet Union and US led imperialism had not given them shelter and rearmed them, their rebellion would end by the month of June-July.

In course of re-entering East Bengal by being armed from India, their character got big change. In exchange of shelter, money, arms and support received from India and imperialism, they abandoned whatever extent independent role they had in the past, they became six mountainsí lackeys and mortgaged East Bengal to India and imperialism.

Thus, their led war became a reactionary war with the interest of imperialism. War of national liberation became war of national subservience. No progressive force of East Bengal or world support their that counter progressive backward war.

The Pakistani bandits are having opportunity to use their strong aspects because of war strategy, tactics, activities and counter progressive war of Awami League liberation force fascists. They are using experience and efficiency of their soldiers, developed army formation (company, battalion and regiment etc), discipline, religious morale, developed communication system, modern weaponry and support or neutrality of countries of the world.

For that reason, the Awami liberation force fascists suffered defeat during the post 25 March time, despite having large area, strength and mass support.

At present too, they will be defeated whatever arms and ammunitions and soldiers may they have. Their men will be scattered, many will flee to India. Some of their weapons will be captured by the Pak military bandits, some will go under river, canals, ponds and ground, some will come to our hands while some will return to India. Again their errors will cause death of hundreds of thousands of people and losses of their properties.

In order to defeat Pak military bandits, and capture East Bengal, they have to attack them (Pak military bandits) with large number, that is, with thousands of soldiers, they have to smash them in one after another war and capture bases and cities. For that, they have to wage higher form of raid and positional war too. The bandits of Liberation Force donít have army formation, discipline, war experience, morale, war strategy and tactics required for that.

Soviet social imperialism, US imperialism and Indian expansionism can adopt another way to rapidly capture East Bengal. That is, to attack East Bengal or whole Pakistan by Indian army and make insurrection inside East Bengal by their puppet liberation force. That is, to engage Pak bandits in border by attacking them there, destroy them while making opportunity for the puppets so that they may capture East Bengal from within.

Indian expansionists may make step of attacking border of West Pakistan so that soldiers canít come from Pakistan, and block sea way so that the military bandits may not come to East Bengal through that way.

As result, Indo-Pak war will break out. Anti-imperialist forces of the world including China, will oppose that war of aggression to occupy East Bengal by imperialism through India. A massive part of East Bengal people will oppose that war too. India will also fall in more domestic and international crisis.

Joint attack of Indian aggressor force and puppet force inside East Bengal may cause several situations.

One situation may be the complete defeat of Pakistanís colonial regime, transformation of East Bengal into colony of India and imperialism and formation of puppet government in East Bengal led by the fascists of liberation force.

Another situation may be that Pakistan fascist bandits will be able to tackle internal insurrection and Indian attack, then Awmi League Liberation Force fascists will have no way other than taking of carrying protracted war. As a result, their internal contradiction will intensify and India, imperialism and their puppet Liberation Force may make effort to come to table talk compromise to the solution of recognizing East Bengal as part of Pakistan.  As a consequence of that, inevitably leadership of National Liberation War will come to the hands of proletariat and its political party.

If East Bengal is made colony of India by separating it, within a few days, East Bengal people will be able to understand that their sacrifice went in vain; they will start serious struggle to uproot exploitation and plunder of six mountains. None but proletarian class and its political party will remain to lead this struggle.

Whatever situation arises, this is a must that leadership of East Bengal revolution will come to the hands of proletariat of East Bengal and its political party.

It is less possible that India will transform East Bengal its colony by starting war, rather more possibly India may create provocative activities in border, because China and anti imperialist progressive forces of world will oppose that war of aggression of India. In that war, Indian state machinery will weaken and imperialism will weaken in Asia. Peopleís revolutionary war in India will intensify. Soviet socialist Russia was born in the First World War. In the Second World War, China and many other socialist countries were borne. So, as a result of Indo-Pakistan war, possibility of rapid seizure of power by proletariat will arise anywhere in that region, be it Pakistan, India or East Bengal. this is why imperialists will try to resist that war.



The counter revolutionary war of National Subservience in the name of National Liberation that is going on by the puppets of India and imperialists, the fascists of Awami League and Liberation Force that canít accomplish national democratic revolution of East Bengal. They will not be able to free East Bengal from foreign exploitation and bring liberation of the peasants by overthrowing feudalism domestically neither through war nor in table talk compromise.

Many of the people of East Bengal are not being able to realize their real face. But today or tomorrow, people will expose their cover and realize their real six mountainsí lackey character and inevitably they (people) will bury them.

Their hands are black with the blood of our and other liberation warrior patriots who donít want to be puppet of India and imperialists, of innocent children, women, youth and elderly people. Today or tomorrow, they have to pay back the blood of debt. Society is advancing on its own rule. Whatever effort they make, they will not be able to drag East Bengal backward.

The East Bengal people will oppose the counter revolutionary war of National Subservience of the six mountainsí lackey of East Bengal, the Awami League Liberation Force fascists, through revolutionary war of National Independence, will completely overthrow the Pakistan colonial military ruling regime, US imperialism, Soviet social imperialism, Indian expansionism from East Bengal, free peasantry by overthrowing feudalism and establish independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned and progressive peopleís republic of East Bengal. The victory of people of East Bengal is inevitable.