Siraj Sikder


National liberation war started. Transform a single spark into prairie fire.

Establish independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, progressive
People’s Democratic Republic of East Bengal!



Date: 8 January 1971.
First Publication: 8 January 1971, addressed to the cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers, supporters, and masses, on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the formation of the East Bengal Workers Movement.
This Edition:, March 2013.
Source: Blog of the Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh,
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East Bengal workers movement with valuable experience of application of universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought to the concrete practice of East Bengal have firmly stepped up to the fourth year of its formation having open eyes to East Bengal and world.

In these three years, cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement have created epic of joy and sorrow with sacrifice and hard struggle and added a great glorious chapter n the history of revolutionary struggle of East Bengal.

With the influence of chairman Mao led anti revisionist struggle of world proletariat and revolutionaries, proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal rebelled against different forms of revisionists by upholding the flag of ‘It’s right to rebel’ and established East Bengal Workers Movement, the preparatory organization of an appropriate political party of working class of East Bengal.

Since the moment of formation, East Bengal Workers Movement has been carrying uncompromising struggle against different forms of revisionism and petit bourgeoisie ideology and its manifestations, and at the same time, in the course of revolutionary practice prepared the correct political line of national liberation of East Bengal, at the present stage of protracted people’s war, the correct military line of initiating guerrilla war by annihilation of national enemy and a correct organization line of building organization clandestinely on the basis of democratic centralism. Cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement have become further matured in the course of study and practice Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung thought, merger with workers and peasants and being steeled in revolutionary ups and downs, and are carrying revolutionary work with more efficiency.

These three years’ revolutionary practice of East Bengal Workers Movement created the subjective preparation of initiating and carrying armed struggle. As a result of that, guerrillas of East Bengal Workers Movement successfully carried commando attack upon Pakistan council center and office and US information center, which initiated armed resistance in the history of revolutionary movement of East Bengal.

The colonial military regime of Pakistan was terrified with a pin-drop and became mad dog to uproot the East Bengal workers movement. Different forms of revisionist collaborators, right-wing and left-in-form right-in-essence reactionaries of East Bengal merged in that hated effort.

The colonial regime of Pakistan has arrested many of the best sons and daughters of East Bengal who work with East Bengal workers movement and declared reward for arrest many.

The flesh and blood, these best sons and daughters of East Bengal are suffering endless torture and difficulties inside prison. When we remember them our heart aches and eyes shed tears.

Cadres of East Bengal workers movement transformed shock into intense hatred against enemy, tears into thunder hard determination to smash the enemy, consolidated and reorganized own strength, redoubled revolutionary work and expanded armed struggle in rural areas.

Guerrillas of East Bengal workers movement successfully initiated guerrilla war for the first time in East Bengal through national enemy annihilation in Chittagong, the place of Surya Sen and in Mymensingh, the place of Sannyas rebellion and brought a new chapter in the history of revolutionary struggle.

In 1970, East Bengal workers movement, in its development, entered into the historic stage of armed struggle.

The contradiction of East Bengal people with non-Bengali Pakistani ruling regime is intensifying each and everyday. Death of hundreds of thousands of people in the most serious cyclone and tidal upsurge ever proved the dominated character of East Bengal. The Pakistani colonial military regime is conspiring to mislead the East Bengal people’s struggle for national independence, liberation and separation to black path of legal peaceful struggle, and with that aim, they have held election under military rule and legal framework.

Awami League, by not directing people against that, has joined that conspiracy and is saying of peaceful and reformist path and democratic socialism as the solution to the exploitation and suppression over East Bengal.

The main element of power of non-Bengali regime of Pakistan is its military force. It is not possible to do any good to people of East Bengal without defeating and smashing this anti-people armed force through armed struggle. The end result of all the peaceful, legal and reformist effort are compromise, collusion and betray to the interest of people. So, two paths, one of armed struggle and the other of compromise lie in front of Awami League. The class basis of Awami league proves that it is following the latter, the end result of which is betraying with the people.

Awami League wants to establish the so called democratic socialism by nationalizing several institutions. Without political party of the proletariat and the proletarian dictatorship that is led through it, essence of all other forms of socialism is state capitalism. Other than people, it protects the interest of corrupt bureaucrats and managers etc. The end result of that are Loss Corporation EPRTC or EPIDC and other government corporations.

This is a new tactics to resist communism by the chieftains of the so called free world the US imperialism and their lackeys. Ne-Win of Burma, Li-Kan-We of Singapore and Indira Gandhi of India, in the name of building socialism in own methods are intensifying older exploitation in the form of new exploitation and they are continuing massacre of over communists. But they are not being able to resist communism. People’s revolutionary struggle is bursting out with serious anger.

Sheikh Mujiv, by saying socialism and ending of exploitation, as a bandit gang of US imperialism and Pakistani colonial ruling regime, is trying to `bury alive’ peasants-workers- masses and their leadership of East Bengal, and at the same time, trying to play the role of Chian-Ki-Shek, Ne-Win and Li-Kan-We of East Bengal. This is why Pakistan colonial military ruling regime, by giving them some concession, conspiring to smash East Bengal revolutionary-led independence struggle by the Bengalis.

Today or tomorrow, history will finally bury all the clown and cheaters. Moved by revolutionary masses of East Bengal, the chariot of history have held Sheikh Mujiv and Awami League high to the peak, what will inevitably in its own path, will crush and bury them.

We must always put this truth forward in front of people and strengthen effort to unify with us the people who are illusioned by the rising bourgeoisie because of the betrayal of different forms of revisionists. In this objective, we will strengthen annihilation campaign against national enemy in rural areas. In this way, we will achieve leadership of eighty percent people of East Bengal, and through that, that of urban intellectual, working class and national bourgeoisie.

The present international situation is very much suitable for revolution. Great leader chairman Mao very much correctly has summed up experience of revolutionary struggle of present world, “Revolution is the main trend of present world”. Revolutionaries of world are rapidly advancing towards final victory. The liberation struggles of oppressed nations of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thai Land, Burma, India, Palestine and Asia-Africa-Latin America are bursting with roar.

In the very heart of US imperialism, armed struggle is being strengthened against the violent suppression of black inhabitants.

Mass unrest and internal contradiction is intensifying among the Soviet Social imperialist-led revisionist countries. They are also waiting for own destruction.

On the other side, People’s China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is standing like a giant in eastern corner. In Europe, the socialist beacon Albania is shedding bright light.

With farsightedness, Chairman Mao corrected mentioned about this era, “In 1962, Mao stated that: “The next 50 to 100 years or so, beginning from now, will be a great era of radical change in the social system throughout the world, an earth-shaking era without equal in any previous historical period.” The Pakistan colonial ruling regime and Awami League in no way will be able to suppress armed struggle of East Bengal people. The people’s war that initiated in 1970 in East Bengal, will take the shape of prairie fire in 1971. In the villages of East Bengal, fire of people’s war will be roaring, and the enemies of independence of East Bengal, their lackeys and different forms of revisionists will die in that. In that intense wave, the old world will tremble, people’s guerrilla force will develop, the historic role of East Bengal workers movement as a preparatory organization of forming political party of the working class of East Bengal will end, and the political party of East Bengal working class will be established.




[1] Different forms of revisionists: Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists. Huq-Toha neo revisionists, Deben-Motin Trotskyte Gueverists, Kaji-Rono conspirators, Agni Prova Maiti etc who are different in forms but in essence revisionist.

[2] Right-wing reactionaries of East Bengal: all fractions of Muslim League, PDP, Jamat, all other religious parties and a part of Awami League leadership.

[3] Left-in-form, right essence reactionaries: Both fraction of NAP and massive part of Awami League leadership.