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“No genuinely relational theory of personality, no effective surpassing the impasses of psychological substantialism and naturalism and therefore no really scientific theory of personality are possible so long as one does not take Marx's crucial discovery absolutely seriously: in reality the human essence is the ensemble of social relations within which men not only produce their means of subsistence but are themselves produced” The articulation of personality with Marxism



To Begin With the Ends

Man in Marxist Theory 


An Embryonic Science: The Psychology of Personality

I. A Science of Fundamental Importance
II. An Incomplete Science
III. The Contribution of Marxism

Man in Marxist Theory

1. Human Personality and Historical Materialism
2. The Marxist Conception of Man
3. Marxism as scientific anthropology and scientific humanism

The Articulation of the Psychology of Personality with Marxism

The Object of the Psychology of Personality

1.1 Natural Relations and Social Relations between Acts
1.2 The Personality as a Living System of Social Relations between Acts
1.3 The Mistakes of Physiologism
2.1 The Paradoxes of Social Psychology
2.2 Forms of Individuality and Theory of the Individual
2.3 The Psychological Sciences and their General Articulation

Hypothesis For A Scientific Theory of Personality

Preliminary Remarks
Basic concepts: acts capacities, and the problem of needs
Infrastructures and superstructures. Usetime
Laws of development and problems of expanded reproduction. Biography


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