Marxist Writers: Alfred Rosmer


Alfred Rosmer Archive

Alfred Rosmer





Letter to the Party Secretariat, 1924

British Imperialism and French Imperialism After The London Conference, 1924

On Since Lenin Died, June 1925

Letter to The Militant, July 1929

The Split Danger in the French C.G.T.U., December 1929

Karakhan Takes a Pleasant Trip to Turkey, January 1930

Enough of Mud! Enough of Blood!, 1938

Preface to Stalinism in Spain, 1938

Workers Front and Popular Front, 1938

A Fictionized Version Of Trotsky’s Murder, 1948

Problems of Yesterday and Today, September 1949

Moscow in Lenin’s Days: 1920–21, 1953 (extract)

Two Books by Lenin, 1953 (extract from Moscow Under Lenin)

The Paris Militant, Autumn 1959



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