MIA: Marxist Writers: John Reed



1914: Insurgent Mexico
1916: The War in Eastern Europe
1919: Ten Days That Shook the World
Articles, Letters, Speeches, etc
1913: A Taste of Justice
1913: War in Paterson
1914: The traders’ war
1914: Mac—American
1915: The Worst Thing in Europe
1915: A Daughter of the Revolution
1916: Love at Sea
1916: Roosevelt Sold Them Out
1917: Whose War?
1917: One Solid Month of Liberty
1918: Soviets in Action
1918: The Structure of the Soviet State
1918: Bolshevism in America
1918: The Origins of Worker’s Control of Industry in Russia
1918: Red Russia – Articles from The Liberator
  1. Part I
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
1918: They Are Still There!
1919: How Soviet Russia Conquered Imperial Germany
1919: A Pen Picture – C.G. Rakovsky
1919: A New Appeal
1919: Socialist Tactics?
1919: The Party Situation in New York
1919: The Pink Terror, Part 1: The Rape of the 17th Assembly District Branch
1919: “The Pink Terror, Part 2: The Pillage of the 18th-20th Assembly District Branch
1919: Liar or Just Doesn’t Know?
1919: Letter of John Reed and Ben Gitlow in New York to the Labor Committee of the Left Wing National Conference, August 11, 1919.
1919: Letter of John Reed, et al. in New York to C.E. Ruthenberg in Cleveland, August 11, 1919.
1919: Aspects of the Russian Revolution
1919: Karl Liebknecht’s Words
1919: What’s the Matter with America?
1920: America and the Negro question at 2nd Congress of Comintern 1920
1920: From the Revolutionary Workers of America to the Oppressed People of the East
1921: Soviet Russia Now

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