Harry Quelch 1914

Harry Quelch: Literary Remains

Source: Harry Quelch: Literary Remains, edited with an biographical introduction by E. B. Bax. 1914 Grant Richards pp. 256;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.


Henry Quelch, by E Belfort Bax


I Jim Carter’s Last Day pp. 23-29
II “Only – He was a Socialist” pp. 30-37
III Another Man’s Wife pp. 38-45
IV The Dynamiter pp. 46-55
V Temporary Insanity pp. 56-65
VI Bread and Shows pp. 66-73
VII A Merry Christmas pp. 74-80
VII Almost Persuaded – To Be a Blackleg pp. 81-88
IX Was He Sorry? pp. 89-96
X Rent of Ability pp. 97-104
XI Companions in Misfortune pp. 105-117
XII In The Merry Christmas Time pp. 118-125
XIII The Pride of Poverty pp. 126-134
XIV After Many Days pp. 135-144
XV A Life For a Life pp. 145


All the articles below (see Bax’s introduction) are published in Justice, The Social Democrat and British Socialist. The starred item is somewhere in Justice after 1897 the others being in the other journal. Since there is no index of Justice it is difficult to find and we would be most obliged if any of our readers who come across this articles the microfilm of that paper when doing their own research could inform us so that we can prepare it for the MIA.

XVI Labour and Luxury, Justice 16.2.1884, 31 May 1884, pp. 4-5
XVII The Essential Difference between Anarchism and Social Democracy
XVIII “Utopian Socialism v. Marxism”
XIX Socialism and Parliamentarism
XX Social Democracy, Nationalism, and Imperialism
XXI Socialism and Sex Relations
XXII Socialism and Temperance Reform
XXIII The Future of the Labour Party
XXIV Parliamentarism, Anti-Militarism and Direct Action
XXV Would Ulster Be Right To Fight?
XXVI Anglo-German Relations
XXVII The Folly of War and the Perils of Peace
XXVIII The War in the Balkans
XXIX Socialism and Foreign Affairs