Anton Pannekoek 1920

World Revolution and Communist Tactics

First Published: in De Nieuwe Tijd in 1920, in Kommunismus, the Vienna-based Comintern theoretical organ for South-East Europe; in Petrograd under the title Die Entwicklung der Weltrevolution and die Taktik des Communismus, and as a pamphlet including the ‘Afterword’ by the Verlag der Arbeiterbuchhandlung, the publishing house of the Communist Party of Austria;
This translation by D.A.Smart was first published in “Pannekoek and Gorter’s Marxism” (Pluto, London, 1978). The starred footnotes are from the original text. The numbered footnotes are from the 1978 edition.
Transcription\HTML Markup: by Andy Blunden, for 2003.
Source: John Gray's Archive.

Theory itself becomes a material force once it takes a hold on the masses. Theory is capable of taking a hold on the masses... once it becomes radical. [Marx]

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