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Never let it be forgotten that “Labour with a white skin cannot emancipate itself where labour with a black skin is branded.” [Marx, Capital, Chapter 10, 1867]



The Negro Liberation Movement and the International Conference, 1930

The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers, 1931

“Left” Imperialism and the Negro Toilers, May 1932

Fascism in the Colonies, February 1938

Hands Off the Colonies!, February 1938

An Outrageous Report, March 1938

Why Moors help Franco, May 1938

White Workers and Black, May 1938

The Government’s Betrayal of the Protectorates, June 1938

Labour Unrest in Jamaica, July 1938

West Africans, Watch Your Land, September 1938

Manifesto Against War, 25 September 1938

Police Swoop On Workers’ Leaders In Colonies, 20 October 1939

The British Empire Is Worst Racket Yet Invented By Man, 15 December 1939

Hands Off the Soviet Union, February 1940

Poverty, Disease Is Native’s Lot in West Indies, 17 June 1940

West Indies Need Independence – Not Big Reports, 24 June 1940

A Typical British Colony, December 1940

British Imperialists Treat the Negro Masses Like Nazis Treat the Jews, 1941

Empire “Gauleiters” Greet Each Other, January 1941

West Indians Answer Anglo-U.S. Imperialism, 4 January 1941

Whither the West Indies?, 21 July 1941

Britain’s Black Record, September 1941

The Socialist Attitude to the Invasion of the U.S.S.R., September 1941

Answers to a Questionnaire on the War, November 1941

Blue-Print of Post-War Anglo-American Imperialism, October 1943

Imperialism: The Basis of Labour Party Crisis, June 1944

Chris Jones: Fighter for the Oppressed, September 1944

A Political Review of the Colonies, February 1945

The Voice of Coloured Labour, World Trade Union Conference, 1945

Colonial and Coloured Unity, History of the Pan-African Congress, 1947

Madagascar Fights for Freedom, October 1947



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