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Andrés Nin


A former member of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT Nin later became a founder member of the Spanish Communist Party. While in Russia he became a supporter of the Left Opposition and for a time Trotsky’s secretary. Nin broke with Trotsky in 1935 to form the POUM (Workers’ Party of Marxist Unity) with Joaquin Maurin of the BOC (Workers’ and Peasants’ Bloc). During the Spanish Revolution the POUM had some influence in Catalonia and Nin joined the Generalidad, the Catalan government, as minister for justice, but after threats from the Soviet consul in Barcelona, Antonov-Ovseyenko, Nin was sacked in December 1936. In June 1937 Nin and most of the POUM leadership were “arrested” by Stalinist agents and Nin was executed shortly afterwards.




Andres Nin Calls for the Spanish Opposition Press


The General Strike in Barcelona


Mistakes of Comrade Maurin

April 1931

The Tasks of Spanish Communists

November 1931

The Fascist Danger and the Need for a United Front of the Proletariat


The Conference of the Spanish Opposition

January 1932

Bloc, Party or Organisation of Sympathisers?

April 1934

Toward the National Workers’ Alliance in Spain


Austro-Marxism and the National Question

September 1936

The Spanish Proletariat Before the Advancing Revolution

March 1937

The Problem of Power

May 1937

The May Days in Barcelona

June 1937

The Political Situation and the Tasks of the Proletariat

21 June 1937

Final Declaration to the Police


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