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Felix Morrow was for many years a leading figure figure in American Trotskyism, best known for his classic Revolution and Counter-Revolution In Spain. He joined the Communist League of America in 1933 and after Max Shachtman’s minority split in 1940, served as editor of the Socialist Workers Party’s paper, the Militant, and its theoretical journal, Fourth International. He was one of 18 SWP leaders imprisoned under the Smith Act during the Second World War. In 1943 he formed a faction with Albert Goldman which challenged the SWP’s ‘orthodox’ catastrophic perspective. In one of the most instructive factional struggles in the history of the Trotskyist movement, Morrow and Goldman projected the likelihood of a prolonged period of bourgeois democracy in western Europe and emphasised the need for democratic and transitional demands against the maximalism advocated by the majority. Although he was expelled from the SWP in 1946 for ‘unauthorised collaboration’ with Shachtman’s Workers Party, he did not join Shachtman, and drifted out of politics.



Religion — Its social roots and role, 1932

A Critical Analysis of the American Workers Party, May/June 1934 (series)

Soule’s Revolution, August 1934 (book review)

Declining America, November 1934 (book review)

God and Society, January 1935 (book review)

Letter to Socialist Party about Non-Partisan Labor Defense, March 1935 (letter)

The Spirit of the US Constitution, February 1936

How the Workers Can Win in Spain, October 1936

The Civil War in Spain: Toward Socialism or Fascism? December 1936

Proposed Solutions to the Spanish Crisis, January 1937

Spain’s Unions Join Pact Against Stalinist Repression, August 1937

Spanish Anti-Fascist Movement Slandered by Church Hierarchy, September 1937

Anglo-French Aid to Spanish Loyalists Is a Fraud and Deception, October 1937

Britain Takes Steps to ‘Solve’ Spanish Crisis by Recognizing Franco, November 1937

Revolution and Counter Revolution in Spain, 1938

Anarchism in Spain, January 1938 (book review)

The War in Spain, February 1938 (book review)

Labor in Northwest Rallies to Local 544 in Court Defy, August 1938

Munich Plan for Spain, October 1938

How Shall We Fight Anti-Semitism? December 1938 (series)

Barcelona Workers Face Supreme Test, January 1939

Roosevelt Condemns Jews to Be Permanent Pariahs, January 1939

All Races, Creeds Join Picket Line, February 1939

Barcelona and France’s Future, February 1939

British Officials Prepare to Dash Zionist Hopes, February 1939

Why the Defeats in Spain?, February 1939

British Overlords Sole Gainers in Palestine Conference Plan, March 1939

Fight Repressions in Spain, March 1939

The GPU Orders a Novel, March 1939 (book review)

The Only Way to Fight Against Fascism Is to Organize Workers’ Defense Guards, March 1939

Spanish C.P. Leaders Seek Peace with Madrid Junta, March 1939

‘The Way to Fight Against Fascism Is to Lie Down and Make Believe You Are Dead’, March 1939

Comrade Cross Invents a Problem (excerpt) A Reply to The Relationship Between Free Speech and the Proletarian Revolution

Alibis Don’t Help Liars, April 1939

Courts Invent Means to Break Strikes When Employers Cannot, April 1939

Federal Criminal Syndicalism Law Would Foist Military Rule on Labor, April 1939

C.P. Paint Brush Will Not Hide the Truth on Spain’s Betrayal, May 1939

New Hearings in Ludlow Referendum, May 1939

The New Leader, May Day and War, May 1939

War-Mad Liberal, May 1939 (book review)

Zionist Policy Played into Hands of Great Britain, May 1939

Empty Seats Greet Del Vayo’s ‘Explanation’ of Spanish Defeat, June 1939

Appeal Readers Can Help Us Build the Party, August 1939

Conscription, Circa 1940 (PDF of original pamphlet)

Hitler’s “New Order” Doesn’t Work, March 1941

So This Is John L. Lewis’ Program for This Epoch of War and Fascism! May 1941

The Stalinist Policy in the Trade Unions, May 1941

Finland’s “Socialists” Now Serve Hitler, July 1941

Stalin’s Speech – Every Word Was Alien to the Leninist Program, July 1941

The Federal Prosecution of the Socialist Workers Party, August 1941

Biddle Finally Chooses Basis for Frameup, September 1941

Why Churchill Doesn’t Open a Western Front, September 1941

The Minneapolis ‘Sedition’ Trial, January 1942

Effects of Monopoly on War Production, February 1942

Lenin’s Teachings on National Wars: An Answer to the Latest Stalinist Forgeries, April 1942

Inflation, May 1942

Burnham’s Role, Shachtman’s Apology, May 1942

Stalin Blames the German Proletariat, June 1942

China in the War, August 1942

Petty-Bourgeois Radicalism on the Struggle in India, September 1942

The Truth About the Cripps Mission, September 1942

The Apology of Shachtman, November 1942

The National Question in Europe: Our Differences with the Three Theses, December 1942

The Class Meaning of the Soviet Victories, March 1943

Wendell Willkie’s Program, May 1943

Washington’s Plans for Italy, June 1943

Roosevelt and Labor after the Third Coal Strike, July 1943

The CIO Answer to the Anti-Labor Drive, August 1943

Italy: The First Phase of the Revolution, August 1943

The Italian Revolution, September 1943

The First Phase of the Coming European Revolution, December 1943

Introduction to Albert Goldman’s In Defense of Socialism, 1944

A Balance Sheet of the Discussion on Europe, March 1945

The Political Position of the Minority in the SWP, May 1945

Big Three Differences in Germany, June 1945

European Perspectives and Policy, July 1945

Was the German Working Class Responsible for Nazism?, July 1945

On the Tempo in Europe: To All Sections of the Fourth International, November 1945

Tactical Problems of the European Movement, January 1946

The Infantile Sickness of the European Secretariat, February 1946

International Report – Minority Report to Plenum, May 1946

Bolshevik Politics versus Neo-Economism, October 1946


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