Awakening to Life, Alexander Meshcheryakov 1974


1. A considerable contribution was made to the organisation of the home for deaf-blind children by Olga Skorokhodova.

2. The Russian school year is divided into four terms referred to as “quarters.” – Tr.

3. By orientative reaction here and later we mean a child’s motor reaction directed towards improving its perception of an object – in this case, its feeling over of an object. This should not be confused with the elementary preparation for reaction to a changed situation.

4. A more detailed description of Rita L.’s development at the beginning of her tuition is found in Part Two, Chapter II, pp. 103-11.

5. Both signs and manual words are apprehended by the deaf-blind through touch, hand in the palm.

6. Further details of Lena G.’s development are given in Part Two, Chapter II, pp. 111-25.

7. Teaching programmes in speech development were elaborated with the help of R. A. Mareyeva.

8. Teaching programmes in mathematics were elaborated by R. A. Mareyeva (59).

9. The word tool is used here in its wide sense, to denote everything which provides a medium for the satisfaction of man’s needs through socially evolved methods. It can mean objects (spoon, clothes, house, etc.) and norms of behaviour (timetable, rules, customs, etc.).