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Paul Mattick


“Marxism, signifies neither more nor less than the destruction of capitalism. Even as a scientific discipline it offers nothing to the bourgeoisie. And yet, as an alternative to the discredited bourgeois social theory, it may serve the latter by providing it with some ideas useful for its rejuvenation.” Marxism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Paul Mattick



What is Communism?, 1934
The Future of the German Labor Movement, 1934
Unity for What?, 1934
The Strike Wave, 1934
The Permanent Crisis. Henryk Grossman on Capitalist Accumulation, 1934
The Class Struggle in Spain, 1934
Upton Sinclair on the road to fascism?, 1934
Home Coming. The End of the Trotsky Movement, 1934
World-wide Fascism or World Revolution?, 1934
What's Behind the "New Deal"?, 1934
On The Program of the National Association of Manufacturers, 1935
Capitalism and Planning, 1935
Leninism or Marxism? Introduction, 1935
The American Federation of Labor and the Present Crisis, 1935
CCC: Capitalism’s Conservation Corps, 1935
The Scum of Humanity, 1935
A.F. of L. and Administration Break, 1935
Workers’ Councils and Communist Organization of Economy, 1935
The Lenin Legend, 1935
Luxemburg versus Lenin, 1935
What will I do when America goes to War?, 1935
Sidney Hook: the Inevitability of Communism, 1936
The Story of Japanese Imperialism, 1936
Moscow-Fascism in Spain, 1937
On the Engels-Kautsky Correspondence, 1937
John Strachey Confesses, 1937
The Nonsense of Planning, 1937
Marxism and Brookings Institution, 1937
Review: “Revolution Betrayed,” by Trotsky, 1937
Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Failure?, 1938
The Masses & The Vanguard, 1938
Council Communism, 1939
Review of “Karl Marx” by Karl Korsch, 1939
Karl Kautsky: From Marx to Hitler, 1939
Marxism and Marginal Utility Economics, 1939
Leon Trotsky, 1940
How New is the ‘New Order’ of Fascism, 1941
Panneokoek’s “The Party and the Working Class”, 1941
James Burnham’s “The Modern Machiavellians”, 1943
Review: “Karl Marx and Marxian Science,” by Arnold Petersen, 1944
Reflections on the Revolution of Our Times, 1944
The Growth of American Thought, 1944
Otto Rühle And The German Labour Movement, 1945
Remember the Wrapper, 1945
Between two wars, 1946
Serfdom in a Free Society, 1946
Trotsky on Bolshevism and Stalinism, 1947
The Story of the German Working-Class Movement, 1947
Anti-Bolshevik Communism in Germany, 1947
Obsessions of Berlin, 1948
Stalin and German Communism, 1949
Spontaneity and Organisation, 1949
Stalin’s Frame-Up System and the Moscow Trials, 1951
The Keynesian International, 1951
Marx and Keynes, 1955
Review of Paul Sweezy’s The Present As History, 1955
Review of Monopoly in America, 1956
Kropokin on Mutual Aid — Review, 1956
Marx and Freud — Review of Marcuse, 1956
The Economics of War and Peace, 1956
The “new look” in economics, 1956
Fromm’s sane society, 1956
Review: “The Uses of Power.”, 1956
Barghoorn on Soviet Russian Nationalism, 1956
Arnold Toynbee and History, 1956
Marxism and the Latest Stage of Capitalism, 1957
A Marxian Oddity — Review of Dunayevskaya, 1958
Review: “Oriental Despotism,” by Karl A. Wittfogel, 1958
Economics of the War Economy, 1959
Nationalism and Socialism, 1959
Marxism and the New Physics, 1960
Review: Aspects of Revolt, 1961
Anton Pannekoek, 1962
Karl Korsch: His Contribution to Marxism, 1962
The Economics of Cybernation, 1962
The Marxism of Karl Korsch, 1964
Humanism and Socialism, 1965
Baran and Sweezy’s “Monopoly Capital”, 1966
Prosperity In Crisis: A Review, 1966
Humanism and Socialism, 1966
Workers’ Control, 1967
Arms and Capital, 1968
Review: “An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations.”, 1968
Mandel’s Economics, 1969
Marx and Keynes. The Limits of the Mixed Economy, 1969
The American Economy: Crisis and Policy, 1971
America’s War in Indochina, 1971
Marcuse: One Dimensional Man In Class Society, 1972
Ernest Mandel’s “Late Capitalism”, 1972
Samuelson’s “Transformation” of Marxism into Bourgeois Economics, 1972
Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory, 1974
On Pannekoek and Workers Councils, Interview, 1975
The New Capitalism And The Old Class Struggle, 1976
Economics, Politics and The Age of Inflation, 1977
Spontaneity and Organisation, 1977
On Crisis and Political Activity, Interview, 1977
Anti-Bolshevik Communism: Introduction, 1978
Rosa Luxemburg In Retrospect, 1978
Marxism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 1978
Reform and Revolution, 1983 (posthumous)
Marxism and Bourgeois Economics, 1983 (posthumous)

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