Works of Marx and Engels


* 1849 *

Major Works

Wage Labour and Capital, Marx, Neue Rheinische Zeitung April 1849.
Two Political Trials

“And this life activity [the worker] sells to another person in order to secure the necessary means of life. ... He works that he may keep alive. He does not count the labor itself as a part of his life; it is rather a sacrifice of his life. It is a commodity that he has auctioned off to another.” [Marx, Wage Labour and Capital]

A cartoon of Frederick William IV and the Prussian bourgeoisie drawn by Engels on the back of E. Voswinkel's letter to Marx 22 January-beginning of February) about the elections to the Prussian Diet (1849)


Marx and Engels, June 1848 to May 1849


Minor Works

Letter to the Frankfurter Journal (Marx)
The Revolutionary Uprising in the Palatinate and Baden (Engels)
The 13th of June (Marx)
Repudiation (Engels)
To the Editor of the Newspaper La Presse (Marx)
To The German Social Democrats and The Times (Engels)
Announcement of Neue Rheinische Zeitung Revue (Engels)