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Errico Malatesta

1853 – 1932

“We want to bring about a society in which men will consider each other as brothers and by mutual support will achieve the greatest well-being and freedom as well as physical and intellectual development for all ...”
Mutual Aid, 1909


Born in southern Italy in 1853, into a growing mood of republicanism, Malatesta soon saw the need for a more profound change in society, and in 1871 joined the Italian section of the International, where he linked up with the anarchist faction of the International.

Repeatedly forced into exile because of his political opinions he spent long periods in exile in various European countries, in Argentina and in the United States. In all he spent only about half his life in his native country.

During the First World War he argued strongly that anarchists should not take sides between the capitalist imperaislist powers. In 1919 he was able to return to Italy where he established the first anarchist daily paper, Umanità Nova. Even after the fascist seizure of power Malatesta continued, with difficulty, to bring out a journal, Pensiero e Volontà , until all independent newspapers and magazines were closed down in 1926. He spent the last 5 years of his life under house arrest.



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