Rosa Luxemburg

The Socialist Crisis in France


Written: 1901.
First Published: Die sozialistische Krise in Frankreich, first appeared in 5 instalments in Neue Zeit, 1900/1901 and fills 69 pages in the Gesammelte Werke.
Source: New International, July 1939, pp.198-203; August 1939, pp.233-237; October 1939, pp.310-313
Translated: Ernest Erber
Transcription/Markup: Ted Crawford/Brian Baggins
Public Domain: Luxemburg Internet Archive 2005. This work is completely free.

“The Republic is in danger! That is why it was necessary for a socialist to become the bourgeois Minister of Commerce. The Republic is in danger! That is why the socialist had to remain in the cabinet even after the massacre of the striking workers on the Island of Martinique and in Chalon. The Republic is in danger! As a result, inquiries into the massacres had to be blocked, the parliamentary investigations of the horrors perpetrated in the colonies had to be discarded, and the amnesty law accepted.”


Introduction, by Dwight Macdonald

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