A. R. Luria

The Making of Mind

First Published: 1979;
Source: The Making of Mind: A Personal Account of Soviet Psychology;
Publisher: Harvard University Press 1979;
Translated: © Michael Cole;
Transcription/Markup: Nate Schmolze;
Proofed and Corrected: Andy Blunden 2003;
Online Version: Psychology and Marxism Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2000;
Copyright: Reproduced with the permission of Mike Cole, who retains the rights.

A new edition of The Making of Mind, entitled The Autobiography of Alexander Luria: A Dialogue with The Making of Mind, edited by Michael Cole and Karl Levitin was published by Routledge in 2006. Follow the link to buy a copy for 12.50, inclusive of a DVD.


Introduction: The Historical Context by Michael Cole
1. Apprenticeship
2. Moscow
3. Vygotsky
4. Cultural Differences in Thinking
5. Mental Development in Twins
6. Verbal Regulation of Behavior
7. Disturbance of Brain Functions
8. Neuropsychology in World War II
9. Mechanisms of the Brain
10. Romantic Science
Epilogue: A Portrait of Luria by Michael Cole