Georg Lukács 1938

The Young Hegel

Written: 1938;
Source: The Young Hegel. Of 571pp, about 200pp reproduced here, without editor's notes;
Publisher: Merlin Press, 1975;
Translator: Rodney Livingstone;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden;
Proofed: and corrected by Andy Blunden, May 2007.


Part I. Hegel’s Early Republican phase (Berne 1793-96)

Part II. The Crisis in Hegel’s Views on Society and the Earliest Beginnings of his Dialectical Method (Frankfurt 1797-1800)

5 The first studies in economics

Part III. Rationale and Defence of Objective Idealism (Jena 1801-03)

1 Hegel’s role in Schelling’s break-away from Fichte
2 The critique of subjective idealism
3 Against abstract idealism in ethics
4 Hegel’s view of history in his first years in Jena
5 Hegel’s economics during the Jena period
6 Labour and the problem of teleology
7 The limitations of Hegel’s economic thought
8 ‘Tragedy in the realm of the ethical’

Part IV. The Breach with Schelling and “The Phenomenology Of Mind” (Jena 1803-07)

1 The growing estrangement between Schelling and Hegel up to the final breach
2 Hegel’s political opinions and his approach to history in the period of The Phenomenology of Mind
3 A synoptic view of the structure of The Phenomenology of Mind
4 Entäusserung’ (‘externalization’) as the central philosophical concept of The Phenomenology of Mind

Appendix: the text of the fragment in French attributed to Hegel