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V. I. Lenin

The Life and Work of V.I. Lenin


Volume 2   /   Volume 3 (Volume 3 does not have "Life and Work").
Volume 3   /   Volume 4
Prior to January 24 (prior to February 5) Lenin writes two letters to N. Y. Fedoseyev in Verkholensk (Siberia), the organiser and leader of the first Marxist circles in Kazan.
Between February 7 and February 14 (19-26) Lenin writes his review of A. Bogdanov's A Short Course of Economic Science.
End of February (beginning of March) to August Lenin translates Volume I of Sidney and Beatrice Webb's Industrial Democracy.
End of May (beginning of June) Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya leave the village of Shushenskoye for Minusinsk. They take part in a meeting of exiles.
July 10 (22) V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya are married.
August 9 (21) Lenin completes the draft of his work, The Development of Capitalism in Russia.