V. I. Lenin

The Life and Work of V.I. Lenin


Volume 1   /   Volume 2
February 18 or 19 (March 2 or 8, new style) Lenin participates in a meeting of members of Social-Democratic groups in various Russian towns held in St. Petersburg. The problems discussed are: the transition from Marxist propaganda in narrow study circles to political agitation among the masses and the publication of popular literature for workers.
April Lenin's The Economic Content of Narodism and the Criticism of It in Mr. Struve's Book is published in the miscellany Material for a Characterisation of Our Economic Development under the pseudonym of K. Tulin. The miscellany was seized by the tsarist censors and almost the entire edition was burned.
April 25 (May 7) Lenin goes abroad to establish contact with the Emancipation of Labour group, and to acquaint himself with the West-European working-class movement.
May While in Switzerland Lenin makes the acquaintance of members of the Emancipation of Labour group (G. V. Plekhanov and others), and arranges for regular contacts with them, and for the publication abroad of the miscellany Rabotnik.
End of May-June (June-beginning of July) Lenin lives in Paris. Becomes acquainted with Paul Lafargue.
July Lenin takes a cure at a Swiss sanatorium.
Latter half of July-beginning of September (first half of August-middle of September) During his stay in Berlin, Lenin works in the public library, acquaints himself with Marxist. literature, and attends workers' meetings.
July 22 (August 3) Lenin attends a Social-Democratic meeting held in the Niederbarnim suburb of Berlin.
September 7 (19) Lenin returns to Russia, carrying with him a portmanteau with a false bottom containing illegal Marxist literature.
Between 7 and 29 of September (September 19 and October 11) Lenin visits Vilno, Moscow and Orekhovo-Zuyevo, where he establishes contact with members of local Social-Democratic groups, and gets their agreement to support the miscellany Rabotnik then being published abroad.
September 29 (October 11) Lenin returns to St. Petersburg.
Autumn Lenin founds the League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class in St. Petersburg.
November Lenin sends abroad a series of items dealing with the working-class movement in Russia, for publication in the Rabotnik miscellany.
Not before November 7 (19) The St. Petersburg League of Struggle issues the leaflet written by Lenin entitled “To the Working Men and Women of the Thornton Factory."
November 25 (December 7) Lenin's article “Gymnasium Farms and Corrective Gymnasia” is published in the newspaper Samarsky Vestnik.
November-beginning of December (November-middle of December) Lenin prepares the publication of the first issue of the illegal newspaper Rabocheye Dyelo, organ of the St. Petersburg League of Struggle; he writes the leading article “To the Russian Workers the article “What Are Our Ministers Thinking About?" and others. He edits the whole issue.
December 3 (15) The publication of Lenin's pamphlet Explanation of the Law on Fines Imposed on Factory Workers is begun.
December 8 (20) Meeting of the leading group of the League of Struggle, headed by Lenin, at which the first issue of Rabocheye Dyelo, prepared for the press, is discussed.
In the night of December 8-9 (20-21) Lenin and other members of the St. Petersburg League of Struggle are arrested. During the search and arrest of A. A. Vaneyev, the police seize the material for the first issue of Rabocheye Dyelo, then ready for the press. Lenin is remanded under arrest.
December 21 (January 2, 1896) Lenin's first interrogation in prison.
End of the year Lenin drafts a programme for the Social-Democratic Party.