Lenin Collected Works: Volume 40


Volume 40:
Notebooks On the Agrarian Question




Plans And Outlines of Works On the Agrarian Question

Plan of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'" __k
Contents Of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'" __k
Contents Of Chapters V-IX of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'" __k
Marxist Views of The Agrarian Question In Europe And Russia. Outline of Lectures
  • First Variant
  • Second Variant
The Agrarian Programme of the Socialist-Revolutionaries And of the Social-Democrats. Outline of Lecture
  • First Variant
  • Second Variant
  • Plans and Outlines of Concluding Speech
    • Preliminary Plan
    • Summary of Preliminary Plan
  • Resumé of Lecture
    • Plan of Lecture Resumé
    • Resumé of Lecture
The Peasantry And Social-Democracy __k


Critique of Bourgeois Literature And Analysis of Massive Agrarian Statistics


Critical Remarks on S. Bulgakov's Book, Capitalism And Agriculture, Vols. I and II, Published In 1900 __k
Plan of Objections to Bulgakov's Book __k
Critical Remarks on the Works of S. Bulgakov and F. Bensing __k
Critical Analysis of F. Hertz's Book, The Agrarian Questions In Relation to Socialism
  • Plans of Objections to F. Hertz's Book
Analysis of Data From O. Pringsheim's Article, “Agricultural Manufacture and Electrified Agriculture __k
Critical Remarks on E. David's Article, “The Peasant Barbarians” __k
Analysis of Data From M. Hecht's Book, Three Villages In the Hard Of Baden __k
Analysis of Material From H. Auhagen's Article, “On Large- And Small-Scale Production In Agriculture” __k
Critical Remarks on K. Klawki's Article, “The Competitive Capacity of Small-Scale Production In Agriculture” __k
Brase And Others
  • a. Analysis of Data from Brase's Article, “Study of the Influence of Farm Debt on Farming”
  • b. Bibliographical Notes and Annotations
Critical Remarks on A. Souchon's Book, Peasant Property __k
Critical Remarks on F. Maurice's Book, Agriculture And the Social Question. Agricultural And Agrarian France __k
Remarks on A. Chlapowo-Chlapowski's Book, Agriculture In Belgium In the 19th Century __k
Remarks on the Material of the Baden Inquiry __k
Remarks on M. E. Seignouret's Book, Essays On Social and Agricultural Economics __k
From German Agrarian Statistics __k
Analysis of Data From the Book, Agricultural Statistics of France. General Results of the 1892 Decennial Inquiry __k
Summarised Data On Farms In Germany, France, Belgium, Britain, U.S.A. and Denmark From the Censuses of the 1880s and 1890s __k
From the Dutch Agricultural Inquiry of 1890 __k
Remarks on E. Stumpfe's Works
  • A. An Analysis of Data from Stumpfe's Article, “On the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Land Holdings as Compared with Large Land Holdings”
  • B. Remarks on E. Stumpfe's Book, Small Holdings and Grain Prices
Remarks on G. Fischer's Work, The Social Importance of Machinery In Agriculture __k
Note On P. Turot's Book, Agricultural Inquiry 1866-1870 __k
Remarks on H. Baudrillart's Book, The Agricultural Population of France. Part III. The Population of The South __k
Remarks on É. Coulet's Book, The Syndicalist and Co-Operative Movement In French Agriculture. The Agricultural Federation __k
Remarks on G. Rouanet's Article, “On the Danger And the Future of Agricultural Syndicates” __k
Analysis of Data From Nossig's Book, Revision of Socialism. Vol. II. The Contemporary Agrarian Question __k
Critical Remarks On E. David's Book, Socialism And Agriculture
  • A
  • B
Extracts From the Book, Hand And Machine Labor __k
Analysis of L. Huschke's Data (On Small-Scale Agriculture) __k


Material For A Study of the Capitalist Economy of Europe And The United States


German Agrarian Statistics (1907) __k
Plan For Processing the Data of the German Agricultural Census of June 12, 1907 __k
Danish Statistics __k
Austrian Agricultural Statistics __k
Remarks on Schmelzle's Article, “Distribution of Rural Land Holdings, Its Influence On the Productivity And Development of Agriculture” __k
Remarks on E. Laur's Book, Statistical Notes on The Development of Swiss Agriculture Over the Last 25 Years __k
Remarks on E. Jordi's Book, The Electric Motor In Agriculture __k
Capitalism And Agriculture In The United States Of America
  • Outline of Introduction. American Agricultural
  • Censuses
  • Variants of Plan
  • Variants of Title
  • Extracts from Different Variants
  • Variants of Contents
Remarks on American Agricultural Statistics __k
American Agricultural Statistics __k

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