Lenin Collected Works: Volume 5


Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 5




Where to Begin? 15k
Another Massacre 19k
The Persecutors of the Zemstvo and the Hannibals of Liberalism
  ¶ I   ¶ II   ¶ III   ¶ IV   ¶ V   ¶ VI
A Valuable Admission 28k
The Lessons of the Crisis 16k
The Serf-Owners at Work 17k
A Zemstvo Congress 8k
The Agrarian Question and the “Critics of Marx”
  ¶ I. The “Law” of Diminishing Returns ¶ II. The Theory of Rent ¶ III. Machinery in Agriculture ¶ IV. The Abolition of the Antithesis Between Town and Country. Particular Questions Raised by the “Critics” ¶ V. "The Prosperity of Advanced, Modern Small Farms” The Baden Example ¶ VI. The Productivity of a Small and a Big Farm. An Example from East Prussia ¶ VII. The Inquiry into Peasant Farming in Baden ¶ VIII. General Statistics of German Agriculture for 1882 and 1895. The Question of the Medium Farms ¶ IX. Dairy Farming and Agricultural Co-operative Societies in Germany. The Agricultural Population in Germany Divided According to Its Position in the Economy
The “Unity” Conference of R.S.D.L.P. Organisations Abroad
  September 21-22 (October 4-5), 1901
  ¶ 1. Speech Delivered On September 21 (October 4). (Note From The Minutes) ¶ 2. Questions Submitted to the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad at the "Unity" Conference, September 21 (October 4), 1901
Fighting the Famine-Stricken 23k
A Reply to the St. Petersburg Committee 10k
Party Affairs Abroad 8k
Penal Servitude Regulations and Penal Servitude Sentences 20k
Review of Home Affairs
  ¶ I. Famine. ¶ II. Attitude Towards the Crisis and the Famine. ¶ III. The Third Element. ¶ IV. Two Speeches by Marshals of the Nobility.
Preface to the Pamphlet Documents of the “Unity” Conference 12k
The Protest of the Finnish People 16k
The Journal Svoboda 6k
A Talk With Defenders of Economism 26k
On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Revolutionary Activity of G. V. Plekhanov 4k
Demonstrations Have Begun 13k
On a Letter from “Southern Workers” 4k
Anarchism and Socialism (1901) 7k


Concerning the State Budget 18k
Political Agitation and “The Class Point of View” 22k
Reply to “A Reader” 7k
What Is To Be Done?
  Burning Questions of Our Movement.
    ¶  Preface
    ¶ I Dogmatism and “Freedom of Criticism”
(A). What Does “Freedom of Criticism” Mean? (B). The New Advocates of “Freedom of Criticism” (C). Criticism in Russia (D). Engels on the Importance of the Theoretical Struggle
    ¶ II The Spontaneity of the Masses and the Consciousness of the Social-Democrats
(A). The Beginning of the Spontaneous Upsurge (B). Bowing to Spontaneity. Rabochaya Mysl (C). The Self-Emancipation Group and Rabocheye Dyelo
    ¶ III Trade-Unionist Politics and Social-Democratic Politics
(A). Political Agitation and Its Restriction by the Economists (B). How Martynov Rendered Plekhanov More Profound (C). Political Exposures and “Training in Revolutionary Activity” (D). What Is There in Common Between Economism and Terrorism? (E). The Working Class as Vanguard Fighter for Democracy (F). Once More “Slanderers”, Once More “Mystifiers”
    ¶ IV The Primitiveness of the Economists and the Organisation of the Revolutionaries
(A). What Is Primitiveness? (B). Primitiveness and Economism (C). Organisation of Workers and Organisation of Revolutionaries (D). The Scope of Organisational Work (E). “Conspiratorial” Organisation and “Democratism” (F). Local and All-Russian Work
    ¶ V The “Plan” for an All-Russian Political Newspaper
(A). Who Was Offended by the Article “Where To Begin” (B). Can a Newspaper Be a Collective Organiser? (C). What Type of Organisation Do We Require?
    ¶  Conclusion
    ¶ Appendix. The Attempt to Unite Iskra with Rabocheye Dyelo
    ¶ Correction to What Is To Be Done?


Volume 5 Transcription/Mark-up:   Tim Delaney & Robert Cymbala, 2000.     • R. Cymbala, 2003.     • (Converted to "tx2html", Oct. 2004.)

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