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Lenin's family and youth
1895 - 1917
1908 Lenin giving speeches
1918 Lenin's signatures
Death and burial
VIDEO of Lenin in a courtyard
VIDEO of Lenin speaking at various places
Various artists renditions of Lenin

What kind of a man was Lenin? What was he like on the platform or behind the table in the presidium, when speaking with comrades, peasant delegates, foreign guests and in the rare moments of leisure amidst kith and kin? What was he like when reading, when listening to fellow speakers, when amused or angry, when in sorrow or thought? How did he walk and speak, what were his specific features and expressions?

I have organized several hundred photographs of Lenin in chronological order, as well as sections such as "Lenin giving speeches", and his "Signatures".  In the near future I hope to have another 400 photographs taken from film clips, and also arrange them in chronological order.

His unbending will, strength of mind and modesty, his cheerful disposition and sociability, devoid of pose or affected mannerisms, could not eclipse his charm and greatness.

I hope that this collection, perhaps one of the worlds largest, will show Lenin as who he really was. A human being, a genius, — a person with a will that would not sway to doubt, misery, or poverty.

Some photographs may seem to be identical but they aren't. There is not one photograph that is identical. If it seems that way it might be because the only difference is a slight movement, a different person in the frame, etc.  If there are any errors on these pages, missing links, bad photographs, spelling errors, incorrect explanations, etc., please contact me by e-mail.

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