N. K. Krupskaya's

Reminiscences of Lenin

Written: 1933
First Published: International Publishers, 1970
Translated: Bernard Isaacs
Transcribed: Sally Ryan 1999
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan 1999



Part I.

St. Petersburg
In Exile, 1898-1901
Munich, 1901-1902
Life in London, 1902-1903
Geneva, 1903
The Second Congress, July-August 1903
After the Second Congress, 1903-1904
The Year 1905: Life in emigration
Back in St. Petersburg
St Petersburg and Finland, 1905-07
Again Abroad. End of 1907

Part II.

Second Emigration
Years of Reaction

Geneva, 1908
Paris, 1909-1910

The Years of New Revolutionary Upsurge, 1911-1914

Paris, 1911-1912
Early 1912
Cracow, 1912-14

The Years of The War

Cracow, 1914
Berne, 1914-1915
Zurich, 1916
Last Months in Emigration...

In Petrograd
Underground Again
On the Eve of the Uprising

Part III.

Preface to Part III
The October Days
From the October Revolution to the Peace of Brest
Ilyich Moves to Moscow, His First Months of Work in Moscow