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Edgar Hardcastle at the post office workers’ union


Edgar Hardcastle






1995: Edgar Hardcastle



December 1921: Ireland, the Labour Party and the Empire
April 1924: Fake Labour Government: The Puppet Show
December 1927: The Class Struggle in Soviet Russia
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February 1933: How to Make Socialists: Lenin's View
February 1933: Marxism and Russia
February 1933: Technocracy: Old Fallacies in a New Disguise
April 1933: Hitler: A Warning to the Workers
May 1933: What Stalin Forgot to Mention
June 1933: Hotheads and Hitlerism (Some Some Observations on Unity)
March 1934: Austrian Workers' Tragic Heroism
September 1934: Some Observations on Production and Productivity
February 1935: The Coming Struggle in India
April/May 1935: Debate with the British Union of Fascists
May 1935: Hauling Down the Colours in Russia
January 1936: Can the Means Test be Abolished?
September 1936: The Civil War in Spain
June 1936: The United Front in France
August 1936: Socialist Do Stand for Equality
November 1936: What to Do About Fascism?
March 1937: What is Wrong with Russia?
July 1937: Which Way Russia?
August 1937: G.B. Shaw as a Guide to Socialism
November 1937: Are the Japanese Barbarians?
April 1938: Trotsky-Stalin Feud. An American View
October 1938: Czechoslovakia: The Choice Before Us
December 1938: Is Britain Going Fascist?
April 1939: The Last Hour in Madrid
July 1939: Why the French Popular Front Failed
November 1939: The Prospect for Socialism
February 1947: The Nationalisation of the Railways
June 1957: The Mystery of Rising Prices
February 1960: You've never had it so good”
June 1960: The Falling Rate of Profit
January 1965: Automation in Perspective
December 1966: No Mystery in Banking
January 1967: Marx, Money and Prices
May 1967: Keynes and the Russian Revolution
April 1968: Inquest on Keynes
July 1970: Lenin's "What is to be Done?"
November 1970: From Marx to Milton Friedman
June 1971: Marx and Keynes on Unemployment
July 1971: Can Banks Create Credit?
November 1971: The End of "Full Employment"?
October 1972: The ABC of Inflation
September 1973: Marxian Economics in the Modern World
September 1974: Inflation: The Theories and the Facts
August 1975: The Crisis: Capitalism's Stranglehold on the Labour Government
October 1978: The Materialist Conception of History
January 1983: Was Marx a Monetarist?
July 1985: Markets, Monopoly and War
April 1990: Inflation: The Endless Farce


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