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Bob Gould


“What I remember most, however, is the righteous anger that those 10,000 demonstrators felt against the Vietnam War. We were unquestionably right. I remember with real nostalgia that time when Max and Danny and myself and Tom Uren, and our anarchist friends up the back were a good deal younger. Whatever we’ve done subsequently, the best part of our lives was when we were united, despite our differences, in genuine comradeship, as part of the minority that became the majority against the then popular, but totally unjustified, Australian involvement in Vietnam.” Arthur Calwell’s last hurrah, Vietnamese dictator Ky and Kirribilli House in the stinking hot Sydney summer of 1967

Bob Gould



1970 Honeymoon over. Decline and fall of the left coalition
1996 A Saturday night incident in Newtown
1997 Bob Santamaria and Bob Gould. A reminiscence of the great Labor split
1998 Recollections of the struggle against the war in Vietnam
1998 How to handle Pauline Hanson
1998 Robert Birrell and the Monash anti-immigrationists are at it again
1998 Mass migration has been good for Australia, and it should continue
1999 Over the hills lies China. A response to Paul Sheehan
1999 Two approaches to Aboriginal affairs. Reminiscences of Fred Hollows
1999 Decline of the humanities and the demobilisation of the left
1999 Stewart Macintyre's The Reds: A bland, sentimental company history
1999 An Irish family in Australia
1999 Multiculturalism and Australian national identity
1999 The fate and future of Aboriginal Australians
1999 Deconstructing Ghassan Hage
1999 Padraic Pearse McGuinness’s concern for war memorials
1999 Why I won’t apply for life membership of the ALP this year
1999 Marching with the war drums
1999 The real story about the “new class”
1999 Racism and the Australian Labor Party
1999 The Oxford Companion to Australian History. A critical comment
1999 Regionalise the states
2000 Race, nationality and religion in Australia
2000 Interrogating Miriam Dixson
2000 The republic referendum. A view from the left
2000 The life and times of George Petersen, MLA, 1921-2000
2000 Dumbing down Australian history and its teaching
2000 Deconstructing the 1960s and 1970s. An open letter to Keith and Liz Windschuttle
2000 The Communist Party in Australian life
2000 Fabricating history on the British colonial frontier in Australia
2000 Paddy McGuinness, Hermannsburg Mission and Howard government policy formation
2000 Local government boundaries in Sydney
2001 What sort of Socialist Alliance?
2001 The DSP’s extraordinary proposal that the national conference of the Socialist Alliance should commit to campaigning for union disaffiliation from the ALP
2001 Marxists and the labour movement
2001 The Green Left Weekly school of falsification
2002 The DSP book of parables. How not to write useful labour history
2002 Labor after the 2001 federal election
2002 The 2002 discussion in the ISO and issues raised for the left
2002 Some problems on the Australian left. An open letter to Alex Callinicos
2002 An open letter to members of the Democratic Socialist Party
2002 A philistine attack on Alfred Rosmer's book
2002 Audrey Johnson, 1925-2002
2002 Brothers: eight leaders of the Labor Council of NSW. A review
2002 The DSP’s proposal to dissolve into the Socialist Alliance
2002 Labor, Lorimer and Lenin
2002 The People's Choice: electoral politics in 20th century NSW. A review
2002 A pleasant Sunday afternoon in the life of an “old crank”. Bob Gould and the ALP
2002 Left discussion and approaches to regroupment
2002 British Labour and the Iraq war
2002 Labour parties in the English-speaking world, empirically described
2002 The Labor Party rules conference: a partial defeat in an important skirmish
2002 Labor students: cream or scum?
2002 The sociology of labour parties in English-speaking countries
2002 The Greens' victory in the Cunningham by-election
2002 The DSP and the so-called labour aristocracy
2002 The DSP’s proposal to dissolve into the Socialist Alliance
2002 Left discussion and fire ants
2002 United fronts, labour parties and Marxists
2002 A Socialist Alliance left unity meeting in Brisbane
2002 25,000 in Sydney march against the Iraq war
2002 Eric Hobsbawm, Martin Amis and Stalinism
2002 Stalinism and literary culture
2002 Did Stalinism end in the 1950s?
2003 How to split
2003 Christopher Hill, Marxist historian
2003 An open letter to Jose Ramos Horta
2003 East Timor, Luxembourg and Lenin: concrete issues and Marxist theory and practice
2003 50,000 in Sydney march against the Iraq war
2003 Turmoil in the Labor Party over the Iraq war
2003 Ten days in the antiwar movement in Sydney
2003 Morality, justice and the Iraq war. Open letter to Barry York and Gerard Henderson
2003 Workers Online and Green Left Weekly. Approaches to socialist journalism
2003 The left and spooks
2003 Self-determination and nationalism
2003 Slavoj Zizek and nostalgic Stalinism
2003 The Communist Party and Stalinism: an open letter
2003 Bring the troops home and the nature of internet discussion
2003 The Electrical Trades Union election in Western Australia
2003 Lay off Laura
2003 Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and the movie, Frida
2003 East Timor and bombings in Iraq
2003 The tragedy of German communism
2003 Iraq under occupation: a debate. I
2003 Iraq under occupation: a debate. II
2003 Windschuttle on Chomsky
2003 An outbreak of primitive Stalinism on Marxmail
2003 Lenin, Krupskaya and Inessa Armand
2003 Frank Hardy's Heirs of Stalin
2003 George Bush comes to Australia
2003 LBJ sitdown was a defining event
2003 Long march in Australia’s occult capital
2003 Rebuilding Western Marxism: some questions
2003 The real lessons of the Vietnam antiwar movement
2003 Australia, Canada, Argentina, land and class struggle
2003 Bogong moths and Greens in Canberra
2003 Triumphalism is not in order. After the George Bush protests
2003 Socialists and labour parties
2003 The slogan of all the left should be: Kick the Liberals out
2003 Developing class consciousness
2003 Peter Boyle thinks he’s funny
2003 Ten days of interesting discussion. The Labor Party and the left
2003 Venom and slaying Social Democracy on the Green Left list
2003 Stir-crazy Rip van Winkles
2004 Australia’s first socialists. A critical review
2004 The Democratic Socialist Party's perspectives
2004 Primitive demagogy on national self-determination
2004 The Workers Communist Party and the situation in Iraq
2004 Questions on the theory of labour aristocracy
2004 Origins of the working class in Australia
2004 Federal Labor Party conference lurches unevenly to the left
2004 The texture and sociology of the Labor Party conference
2004 Free trade and Marxism
2004 Green Left, Socialist Alliance and discussion on the left
2004 The life and work of Humphrey McQueen
2004 Reclaim Lenin from “Leninists” and “Leninism”
2004 Arthur Calwell’s last hurrah, Vietnamese dictator Ky and Kirribilli House in the stinking hot Sydney summer of 1967
2004 A modestly successful protest against the Iraq war
2004 Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the right
2004 The Hungarian workers’ revolt of 1956: ignorance and amnesia
2004 A preliminary observation on the NSW local government election
2004 Drawing the “class line” in Double Bay and Moore Park
2004 Falsehoods about the Left Opposition
2004 Social Democracy, the Iraq war, the US SWP and the Australian DSP
2004 US and Australian imperialism sink into the Iraq quagmire
2004 Labor and Greens in Sydney: an open letter
2004 Labor and Green sectarianism
2004 The Iraq war, evil and the Labor Party
2004 A little piranha’s observation on the big fish in leftist websites
2004 Brainless, shameless moralising rubbish
2004 Left newspapers, Green Left Weekly and the labour movement
2004 Electoral prospects of the Socialist Alliance
2004 How sects view the world
2004 On the left of the twilight zone: the WSWS and “lively discussion”
2004 A surreal discussion on Labor, the Greens and the federal election
2004 An outbreak of L-L-L-L-Leninism on the Australian left
2004 An expulsion from the DSP
2004 The Greens, Goldstein and Bob Gould
2004 Socialist discussion and regroupment
2004 What unites Ozleft?
2004 The Joshua strategy. Permanent Third Period politics
2004 Preferences in the 2004 federal election
2004 Hall Greenland turns 60
2004 Mark Latham’s meeting in Leichhardt
2004 The timeless history of Jim McIlroy
2004 DSP leaders go stir-crazy
2004 Clownishness and personal abuse
2004 Local government election results in Victoria
2004 Weirdness in WA
2004 The class character of the North Korean state
2005 Bring 100,000 tsunami refugees to Australia
2005 Stalinism on the agenda at DSP education conference
2005 Che Guevara and the left: a response to Louis Nowra
2005 Anticipating the death of Laborism
2005 The left and denial of Stalin's crimes
2005 DSP apologetics for East German Stalinism
2005 Joshua Boyle blasts his trumpet again
2005 Wall of silence on election results in WA
2005 Socialist Alliance: black is white
2005 The DSP leadership’s Potemkin village
2005 Lies, damned lies, statistics and the DSP
2005 The historic role of Al Grassby
2005 The AFL-CIO and existing unions in the US
2005 Barry Sheppard’s memoir, The Party, a critical review
2005 John Percy’s strange memoir
2005 Mike Karadjis loses his cool on Vietnam
2005 Laurie Ferguson, Labor for Refugees and leftist in the Labor Party
2005 Don’t mention the war
2005 The “labour aristocracy” and groundhog day
2005 Socialist unity with the living dead
2005 Questions on Green Left Weekly readership
2005 Two state conferences of the Australian Labor Party
2005 Class interests versus sect interests. A response to Sol Salbe
2005 Diplomacy cast to the wind: the Fightback and Socialist Alliance conferences
2005 The Labor Party, the left and the united front
2005 Stanley Bruce and John Howard compared
2005 Fighting Howard’s attacks
2005 The London transport bombings
2005 A peculiar slant on the reactionary attack on multiculturalism
2005 How the DSP sect views the world
2005 Trouble for Howard’s “anti-terror” wedge
2005 Defending the indefensible
2005 The struggle in the DSP
2005 Another hot Christmas for the Australian left
2006 A cyberwarrior’s systematic insults
2006 After the DSP conference
2006 Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad
2006 The left in the Labor Party
2006 The DSP leadership’s tenuous grip on reality
2006 Not to praise, not to blame, but to understand
2006 Clyde Cameron joins the Socialist Alliance
2006 Flag burning as tactic and publicity stunt
2006 John Howard’s 10th anniversary dinner
2006 Peter Costello, Muslims and sharia law
2006 One case of innumeracy, another of selective amnesia
2006 Why Green Left rarely says anything good about Labor
2006 Julia Gillard positions herself on the right of the Labor Party
2006 Kurdish and Albanian rights to self-determinination
2006 A protest for West Papuan independence
2006 The Sydney Morning Herald’s 175th anniversary supplement: an alternative view
2006 Labor Tribune and left discussion. An open letter to Marcus Strom
2006 Mass politics and socialist electoral tactics
2006 Book prices and socialist publishing
2006 Observations on The Latham Diaries
2006 Invented “principles” on national self-determination and East Timor
2006 The hype goes on. Green Left Weekly and the national union protest against Work Choices
2006 The Bulletin’s 100 most influential Australians: a view from the left
2006 The Democratic Socialist Party lurches towards a split
2006 Third Period abuse and backward Popular Frontism: a poisonous mix
2006 Full-blown Third Period Stalinism in the DSP
2006 On a quiet sector of a quiet front
2006 A protest against Israeli state terror
2006 Advice from the Planet Zot
2006 The Tory war on objective narrative history
2006 Tories thumped in Queensland election
2006 The pope as right-wing cultural warrior
2006 A hypermanic episode and what it reveals politically
2006 The DSP and the death of the Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge
2006 The alternative political universe of sectarianism
2006 Entrism, the Labor Party and socialist tactics
2006 In the name of the working class: The Hungarian uprising of 1956
2006 Mr Raven’s personal little Moscow Trial
2006 Tactics at the Melbourne G20 protest
2006 Mass politics and the Victorian election
2007 The weather gods were kind and no DSP split is immediately indicated
2007 Electoral success and sectarian babble
2007 The media, the will of the people and the NSW election
2007 Loopy backers of the Mugabe dictatorship
2007 The Labor national conference and industrial relations
2007 War on the waterfront, a pretty good time for dialectics
2007 Piers Ackerman’s anti-Jewish hero
2007 Between Rudd and a hard place
2007 Media Monitors and information gathering
2007 The ultraleft united front from below tactic
2007 Questions to the ideological leaders of Marxmail
2007 Dopey exposure as usual
2007 Issues in the campaign against electricity privatisation in NSW
2007 Partinost, the DSP and democratic centralism
2008 Implosion of a socialist sect
2008 Taking the measure of Socialist Alliance
2008 Bob Gould’s holiday reading
2008 Artyom Sergeyev, 1921-2008
2008 Strange reactions to a socialist unification
2008 My enemy is dead and I mourn him. Life and times of Paddy McGuinness
2008 Several civilised actions by Labor on refugees
2008 A curious intervention on Marxmail
2008 A call to order on cop baiting of Sinn Fein
2008 The weird sectarianism of the DSP majority
2008 The Rudd government's apology to indigenous Australia
2008 The best of times and the worst of times: an open letter to the NSW Labor left
2008 A powerful protest against privatisation
2008 Pseudo-leftists join the anti-union chorus
2008 Leaflets, demands and concrete struggles
2008 No friends but the voters and trade unions
2008 Clyde Cameron, 1913-2008
2008 Mark Aarons touts “centre-left” Blairism
2008 Mystifying the Brisbane city council vote
2008 Labor democracy and “cabinet solidarity”
2008 My, how quickly they roll over
2008 Debate on Barack Obama’s speech
2008 Keeping the rank and file in the dark
2008 Gerard Henderson’s praise of Green Left Weekly
2008 Sterile propaganda versus active struggle
2008 Crunch time for the future of Labor
2008 South African labour movement’s support for the Zimbabwe opposition
2008 Crunch time for Labor as a force for progress
2008 A rational united front approach to the Greens
2008 A lot of high ground won in a continuing battle
2008 Mick Costa thinks the labour movement is a joke. We’ll see who laughs last
2008 Michael, get the blunderbuss that’s hidden in the thatch
2008 Propagandism and the struggle against electricity privatisation
2008 Cranks and enemies
2008 Australian DSP divides
2008 The politics of the DSP purge
2008 Propaganda versus agitation
2008 Mick Armstrong’s prayer meeting about May 1968
2008 A bleak wind back to a dismal past
2008 The sad, contradictory life of Wilfred Burchett
2008 A second win against electricity privatisation in NSW
2008 Electricity privatisation: the elephant in the room
2008 The new Direct Action and the Labor Party question
2008 The DSP leadership’s ugly venture into religious bigotry
2008 Mick’s metaphysics: propagandism as strategy
2008 Support Pacific workers’ access to Australia
2009 The world is in deep strife and the Labor left is at its biggest turning point ever
2010 Population policy and migration

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