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Frank Glass
(Li Fu-jen)

Frank glass shortly after his return from china


1. Biography [biography from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]

2. Biography




March 1930

The Labor Movement in South Africa

April 1930

The Durban “Raid” in South Africa

February 1932

A Shanghai View on Chinese Events

December 1933

The New Danger of War in the Far East (as Lucifer)

January 1934

Japan Moves Toward War Against the Soviet Union (as Lucifer)

May 1934

Under the Iron Heel of Chiang Kai Shek (as Lucifer)

January 1935

The Peasants’ War in China (as Harold Isaacs)

December 1935

Minutes of the Provisional Committee of the Communist League of China (Bolshevik-Leninists)

September 1937

China Defense Sags, Fear Masses

September 1937

Japan Admits Long Fight Ahead to Conquer China

September 1937

Save U.S. Business in China, Is C.P. Appeal

October 1937

New Stalinist Frame-up Hits China ‘Trotskyists’

October 1937

Reveals U.S. Interests in China (as Lucifer)

November 1937

Chiang Kai-Shek Will Not Release Peasant Masses for War Against Japan

November 1937

Shanghai’s Fall Shows Urgent Need of Mass Action to Stop Japan

November 1937

Stalinists Betray China Struggle by ‘New Line’ (as Lucifer)

December 1937

Nanking’s Fall Ends First Phase of War

December 1937

Panay Incident Unmasks Aims of Imperialism

January 1938

The Communist League of China

January 1938

End of the Chinese Soviets

January 1938

The War In The Far East and the Revolutionary Perspective

March 1938

A Liberal in China

March 1938

Stalin Saves Rakovsky for New Frame-up Trial

July 1938

Gang Disrupts Astoria SWP Rally; Cops Look On

January 1939

After the Fall of Wuhan

March 1939

Press Clipping: Chinese Detained – Communist Propaganda in Hongkong

February 1941

Chiang Kai-shek and the Stalinists (series)

February 1941

Lessons and Perspectives of the Sino-Japanese War

March 1941

American Intervention in China (Resolution of the EC of the Fourth International, written with Harold Isaacs)

March 1941

Chiang Kai-shek Moves Against 8th Route Army

March 1941

The New Fourth Army’s Fate

August 1942

Chen Tu-hsiu: Chinese Revolutionist

January 1944

The Far East: Facts and Falsehoods

February 1944

Japan Faces The Abyss: I. The Distinguishing Features of Japan’s Economic Life

March 1944

Japan Faces The Abyss: II. Conditions in Large-Scale Industry and Agriculture

April 1944

Japan Faces The Abyss: III. The Revolutionary Perspectives

May 1944

May Day 1944 (as Ralph Graham)

August 1944

Leon Trotsky: Revolutionary Teacher of the Colonial Peoples

March 1945

Report of an Honest War Correspondent (review)

June 1945

Imperialist Program for the Orient

October 1945

War Guilt in the Pacific

July 1946

China After World War II

August 1946

The Big Four at Paris

August 1946

Two Books on the Soviet Union (review, as Ralph Graham)

October 1946

Behind the Scenes of World War II (review, as Ralph Graham)

October 1946

The Vatican in World Affairs

February 1949

The Kuomintang Faces Its Doom

January 1951

China: A World Power

Fall 1956

An Old China Hand Tells His Story (review, as John Liang)

Spring 1957

“Hands Off” Except For – (review, as John Liang)

Summer 1957

Paranoia, Yes; But Still a Genius (review, as John Liang)

Fall 1957

Chinese and Russian Relations (review, as John Liang)

Spring 1958

The Experts Report on the New China (review, as John Liang)

Spring 1958

Geniuses at Work (review, as John Liang)

Summer 1958

The Paradox of Colombia (review, as John Liang)

Spring 1959

Which Road for Japan? (review, as John Liang)

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