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Martin Glaberman

1918 – 2001

“There’s an early article and this comes from a different book where Marx says in order to create a new society we need new people. New people are created in activity and we need a revolution not only because the old ruling class can only be overthrown in a revolution, but you need a revolution in order to transform the people making it. So they become qualified to create a certain society. That’s clearly the reverse of what most Marxists think. Most Marxists think you have to change people. You have to convince them and then you make a revolution, but Marx says no. You make a revolution and that will change them.” – Revolutionary Optimist


Martin glaberman

Martin Glaberman referred to himself as an “unreconstructed Johnsonite.” Johnson being the pen named used by the West Indian Marxist C.L.R. James during his time in the United States. Glaberman was a member of the tendency James founded along with Raya Dunayevskaya in 1941, and worked with James until the latter’s death in 1989. During this time Glaberman was the managing editor of such publications as Correspondence, Speaking Out and Speak Out. Glaberman worked as an auto worker for twenty years where he served as a shop steward, committeemen and local union editor. He was Professor Emeritus of Social Science in the College of Lifelong Learning of Wayne State University in Detroit. He was the author of countless articles and pamphlets, as well as a number of books. He died in December 2001.


Aug. 1947

Strata in the Working Class

Summer 1965

Introduction to “Destruction of a Workers Paper” by CLR James

Summer 1965

“Be his payment high or low”: The American Working Class in the Sixties

Winter 1965/66

Ghetto Riots in the USA

Summer 1966

On the Giant’s Shoulders (book review)

Winter 1966/67

The East Is Red (book review)

January 1967

Upheaval in China

June 1967

The United States and the Russian Revolution

Jan. 1968

Nkrumah’s Sponsors (letter)

June/July 1968

On Balance: The French Events

April 1968

Martin Luther King, Jr

April 1968

Regis Debray: Revolution Without a Revolution

July 1968

Indonesian Communism: The First Stage


Black Cats, White Cats, Wildcats: Auto Workers in Detroit

Apr./May 1969

The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement

Nov./Dec. 1972

Unions vs. Workers in the Seventies: The Rise of Militancy in the Auto Industry

Nov./Dec. 1973

The American Working Class in Historical Perspective (book review)

Feb. 1974

False Promises: A Review (book review)

Sept. 1974

Marxist Views of the Working Class


The Working Class and Social Change (pamphlet)

Apr. 1980

Terror in Italy (letter)


Wildcat I (poem)


Walter Reuther, “Social Unionist” (book review)


A Different Sort of Democracy


“Workers have to deal with their own reality and that transforms them”


Working For Wages: The Roots Of Insurgency (extract) (with Seymour Faber)


Back To The Future: The Continuing Relevance of Marx (with Seymour Faber)


Revolutionary Optimist (interview)

Oct. 2001

Letter to Discussion Bulletin (letter)


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