Peter Fryer

Hungarian Tragedy

Hungarian Tragedy


First Published: December 1956, by Dobson Books Ltd, Britain
Source: October 1986 by New Park Publications Ltd [ISBN 0 86151 072 6]
Transcription: Rolf Vorhaug (
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‘A people which enslaves others forges its own chains’.
Karl Marx

‘The victorious proletariat can force no blessings of any kind upon any foreign nation without undermining its own victory by so doing’.
Frederick Engels

‘If Finland, if Poland, if the Ukraine break away from Russia, there is nothing bad about that. Anyone who says there is, is a chauvinist. It would be madness to continue the policy of the Tsar Nicholas ... No nation can be free if it oppresses other nations’.
V. I. Lenin

Preface to 1986 Reprint


I. Arrival in Hungary

2. Magyaróvár

3. Background to October

4. How The Revolution Began

5. Györ

6. Bábolna

7. Budapest

8. Revolution And Counter-Revolution

9. The Second Soviet Intervention

10. What Now?


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