MIA: Jack Fitzgerald




Jack Fitzgerald






1929: The Death of Comrade Jack Fitzgerald



January 1906: These be your gods, O Israel (The Liberal Party's Record)
March 1909: Labour Leaders and Their Prey
August 1909: Review of The Tyranny of Usury
October 1909: Review of Bernstein's Evolutionary Socialism
November 1911: Review of Home Rule in a Nutshell
July 1912: War and Why (The Cause and the Remedy)
July 1913: Review of Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth
June 1914: Review of Labour in Irish History
August 1915: Review of Croce's Historical Materialism and the Economics of Marx
February 1918: Review of The State: Its Origin and Function
May 1918: The Centenary of Marx
August 1918: The Revolution in Russia
September 1918: The Fiftieth Trade Union Conference
February 1919: The German Elections
October 1919: Gyrations at Glasgie
July 1920: The Russian Dictatorship
April 1924: Passing of Lenin
July 1925: Review of Kautsky's Foundations of Christianity
October 1926: Review of Materialism or Spiritualism?
June 1928: The Socialist Party versus the I.L.P. (Debate with James Maxton)
March 1929: Review of Marx’s Capital


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