Howard Fast

Tito and his People

Source: Trussel's EclectiCity(2006); booklet (2007)
First Published: Contemporary Publishers, Winnipeg, Canada, 1944
Transcription: Steve Trussel
HTML Markup: Mike B. for MIA, 2006

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YUGOSLAVIA TODAY   Yugoslav means South Slav. In all the regions of Yugoslavia, the people use what is basically the same language, a Slavic tongue kindred to Russian. Many hundreds of years ago, these people emigrated from South Russia. In the course of history, and due to the mountainous character of their land, they separated into sub-states, such as Bosnia, Croatia, etc. But in a broad sense, the South Slavs remain basically one people. —Original Preface


Uncle Peter
The Land and the People
Yugoslavia's Bitter Surrender
Who is Tito?
Death to All Fascists
Organizing Partisan Brigades
Partisan Brigades Strike
The Mikailovich Chetnik Myth
Tito and Mikailovich Meet
Indisputable Evidence
A Force to Be Reckoned With
The Army of Liberation
The Story of Peter and Franca
United Front for Liberty
The War Goes On
The Liberation of Bosnia
Italian Arms in Partisan Hands
The Allies Recognize Tito
Government of, by and for the People
Medicine and Religion Fight and Plan
Tito's Collaborators
The Government in Exile
Tito Today
Freedom is Their Destination

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