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Mar 9, 1918: To Colonel Robins on U.S. help at Vladivostock
Apr 2, 1918: To Lockhart on England’s Intentions at Archangel
Apr 6, 1918: To Allied Representatives Asking for a Withdrawal of the Offending Armies
Apr 18, 1918: To Rumanian Prime Minister Against the Incorporation of Bessarabia
Apr 22, 1918: To German Foriegn Minister on German invasion of the Crimea
Apr 24, 1918: Interview of French Foriegn Ambassador on Russo-French Relations
Apr 26, 1918: To German Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Failure to Abide by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Apr 27, 1918: Demanding the Withdrawal of French Ambassador

Jun 14, 1918: On Allied Warships in Russian Ports
Jun 17, 1918: On British Landing at Murmansk
Jun 19, 1918: To French Counsel on Intervention

Jul 4, 1918: To German Counsel on German-Turkish Advance on Baku
Jul 4, 1918: On Current Policy Status of Soviet Foreign Relations
Jul 12, 1918: To Lockhart on British Action in Northern Russia
Jul 25, 1918: On the Departure of Allied Diplomats from Vologda for Archangel

Aug 1, 1918: To Sun Yat-Sen
Aug 5, 1918: To Poole on the Aim of Intervention

Oct 24, 1918: Russian Plan for the League of Nations (alternative translation: The Language of Bolshevik Diplomacy)

Jan 6, 1923: Five Years of Red Diplomacy


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