William Henry Chamberlin | Soviet Russia: A Living Record and a History

Soviet Russia: A Living Record and a History

Written: 1929
First Published: April 1930
Source: Little, Brown, and Company (Atlantic Monthly Press Books), Boston, USA.
Translated: Original English. Please note that Chamberlin's Russian translations are generally not accurate today.
Proofread: See the original scan.
Transcription/Markup: Brian Baggins
Public Domain: Soviet History Archive (marxists.org) 2005.

Table of Contents:

The Historical Background
The Face of the Russian Land
The Communist Party
Personalities of the Revolution
The Class State
The Balance Sheet of Socialism
Labor as Aristocracy
Karl Marx and the Peasant-Sphinx
The Babel Tower of Nationalities
Main Currents in Foreign Policy
The General Staff of the World Revolution
The Revolution in Education and Culture
The Struggle For the Russian Soul
Young Russia
The Tragedy of the Russian Intelligentsia
Russia and World Capital
Daughters of the Russian Revolution
Liberty in the Soviet State
Whither Russia