Christopher Caudwell 1949

Christopher Caudwell

Studies in a Dying Culture

Source: Studies in a Dying Culture;
First Published: posthumously by Bodley Head in 1938;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford, 2013.


Introduction to the 1938 edition by John Strachey

Foreword to the 1938 edition

I. George Bernard Shaw: A Study of the Bourgeois Superman

II. T. E. Lawrence: A Study in Heroism

III. D. H. Lawrence: A Study of the Bourgeois Artist

IV. H. G. Wells: A Study in Utopianism

V. Pacifism and Violence: A Study in Bourgeois Ethics

VI. Love: A Study in Changing Values

VII. Freud: A Study in Bourgeois Psychology

VIII. Liberty: A Study in Bourgeois Illusion