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J. R. Campbell


John Ross Campbell


“Here are certain developments taking place in society. Those developments are likely to lead to increasing struggles between the classes. They are likely to lead to new wars and to a general condition of social breakdown. It is, therefore, our duty as a party to point out to the people that those developments are taking place and that they are unescapable. To point this out to the people so that they can understand those developments, so that when the situation arises, such as we have pointed out, there will be an organised Communist Party in the working class, capable of handling themselves any social struggle that is likely to take place.” — The Communist Party On Trial





1925: Leninism and the Party

1926: Were the Miners Let Down?

1928: Communism and Industrial Peace

1937: For Joint Action on Behalf of the Spanish People

1945: Trade Unions and the General Election

1948: A Socialist Solution to the Crisis

1949: Reply to the Discussion, at the Twenty-First Congress of the Communist Party

1953: Socialism for Trade Unionists

1960: 40 Fighting Years: The Communist Record