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Peter Camejo


“Revolutionary socialists have been accused for many years of wanting to overthrow the US government by force and violence. When they accuse us of this, what they are really trying to do is to imply that we want to abolish capitalism with a minority, that we want to force the will of the minority on the majority. The opposite is the truth. We believe we can win a majority of the people in this country to support a change in the system.” How to make a revolution in the United States

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1969 How to make a revolution in the United States
1970 Liberalism, ultraleftism or mass action
1971 Allende’s Chile: is it going socialist?
1983 Against sectarianism. The evolution of the SWP, 1978-83
1984 Problems of vanguardism
1984 A comment on the North American revolution
1995 Return to materialism
2004 The Avocado Declaration
2005 Bush, the Democrats and the Greens after 2004

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