Louise Bryant

Mirrors Of Moscow

With five illustrations by

Written: Between 1921 - 1923;
Source: "Mirrors of Moscow", New York by Thomas Seltzer, 1923;
First Published: 1923;
Online Version: marxists.org 1999;
Transcription/Markup: Alf Pangas.

Table of Contents


Lenin and his subordinates

Nikolai Lenin
Christian Rakovsky
Abraham Krasnichakov
Leo Kaminev and Gregory Zinoviev
Peter Stootchka
Alexiev Ivanovitch Rykov
Jacob Peters, Fedore S. Dzerzhinsky and the Extraordinary Commission
Anatol Vassilievitch Lunacharsky and Russian Culture
Michael Ivanovitch Kalinin and the Peasants
Madame Alexandra Kollontai and the Woman's Movement
Leon Trotsky, Soviet War Lord
Enver Pasha and the Mohammedans
Tikon and the Russian Church
Tchicherin, Commissar for Foreign Affairs and His Subordinates