August Bebel

Reminiscences: Part I

Written: 1910;
Published: The Socialist Literature Company, 1911;
Translated: Ernest Unterman (from the first German Edition);
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive, 2003;
Transcription: Ted Crawford;
Mark Up: Mike Bessler;
Proofread: Nik McDonald (February 2006).

Bebel in his later years

Table of Contents

Scenes of Childhood and Youth
Years of Apprenticeship and Wandering
Back to Wetzlar and Onward!
My Entry into the Labor Movement and Into Public Life
Lassalle's Rise and Its Results
The Convention of the German Workingmen's Clubs
Friedrich Albert Lange
New Social Phenomena
The Stuttgart National Convention
Wilhelm Liebknecht
Increasing Dissatisfaction of Workingmen's Clubs
The Catastrophe of 1866
After the War
The Continued Development of the Federation of German Workingmen's Clubs
Personal Matters
The March to Nuremberg
The Trade Union Movement
My First Sentence
Before Barmen-Elberfeld